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Preserving the cultural heritage of Ghana [Do we have an ‘Acquisition’s of (Heritage) Arts team in Ghana?]….

Feast your eyes on the following art treasures –they hail from Ghana. Wouldn’t it be amazing to own a piece of Ghanaian history –or better still, wouldn’t it be great if these treasures were back in Ghana -where they belong? Can someone tell me if we have an ‘Arts Acquisition’ team in Ghana right now? Do we have a team of people ethically and legally buying back or protecting our [national] treasures – so we can preserve the cultural heritage [ancient art and artifacts] of [this] our great nation? I might need to contact the Director of Ghana National Museum & Monuments……

Object of Desire: Asante Polychrome Sculpture of a Man Holding a Black Ram

Origin: Southern Ghana
Date: 20th Century AD
POA Website: www.artofancientafrica.com
Object of Desire: Asante Bronze Head

Origin: Southern Ghana
Date: 17 th Century AD to 19 th Century AD
POA Website: www.artofancientafrica.com

I stumbled across the following text –as I was searching for a [possible] Ghanaian Antiquities Arts Acquisition’s team via google… Enjoy it, its an eye opener…..

Title: Ghana's Vanishing Past: Development, Antiquities, and the Destruction of the Archaeological Record By: Benjamin W. Kankpeyeng and Christopher R. DeCorse
Ghana's past is being destroyed at a rapid rate. Although the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board has in some instances successfully intervened to stop the illicit trading of antiquities, the destruction of archaeological sites as a consequence of development over the past two decades has been staggering and the pace is accelerating. The potential of the legislation that established the Ghana Museums and Monuments Board and empowered it to manage and preserve the country's archaeological past has not been realized. The lack of political action, limited relevant public education, insufficient funding, and the poverty of the majority of the Ghanaian populace have allowed for the widespread destruction of both sites and historic buildings. Conspicuously, both the absence of integrated development planning by the Ghanaian government and the inability of development partners (both foreign and domestic) to recognize the potential value of cultural resources have contributed significantly to the continued loss of the archaeological record. While the antiquities trade is a continuing threat to Ghana's cultural resources, it is, in fact, tourism and economic development that pose the major menace to the country's archaeological past. This article reviews the history of cultural resource management in Ghana, including both traditional attitudes toward preservation and current legislation. Case studies are used to illustrate the problems faced. [Credit: http://www.springerlink.com]
Contact: crdecors@maxwell.syr.edu

“Many museum directors, art dealers and auction houses in the West seem to have nothing but contempt and disdain for rules and regulations, especially international rules, intended to control illicit traffic in artefacts which they perceive as attempts to limit their right to acquire artefacts by any means. No wonder that in the last few years that many have been involved in scandals and criminal cases which do not reflect on their standing. Still there are museum directors and others who have more sympathy for looters than for legislators who seek to control the illicit market.
All who have studied the problem of looting of African artefacts have concluded that unless the West limits its demand for African artefacts, there is no way this traffic can be controlled. They add however that there is a lot that the African States themselves could also do if they are seriously concerned by the systematic depletion of their cultural heritage.
The looting of African cultural artefacts for the West which reached its levels of climax in the invasion of Magdala, Ethiopia (1868), Kumasi, Ghana (1874), and Benin, Nigeria (1879) still continues in our time, albeit with different methods and persons but with devastating effects on the cultural heritage of the African countries.”
Dr Kwame Opoku [Credit:http://www.modernghana.com]

** What are we going to do about this folks? I know many of you will state the obvious -lack of funding etc -but could it be that we [or the powers that be] haven't fully comprehended the true value of these treasures? Surly it is common knowledge -that a nation without a past, history or Art is a nation without a future?

Business: BayGH [Ghana’s premier web Marketplace]

"BayGH Web Market is a service provided by ICY GROUP LTD. BayGH is an online business marketplace offering a web market platform for individual/business sellers and buyers in Ghana and Africa to sell and trade products and services." www.baygh.com

BayGH is proving to be Ghana’s answer to ebay. Free of charge, all you need to do is log on, register and get selling. Why not sell your unwanted Christmas presents on bayGh and start the New Year as you mean to go on –with extra money in your pocket. For more information on the services provided by bayGH please visit: www.baygh.com

Monday, 28 December 2009

The Chart Show, OBE TV [Sky Digital 207] and Talentless jagger jaggers letting down Ghana ...-I'm not having it!

I was pleasantly surprised with a new show on OBE TV called The Chart Show -this Christ Birthday. It was presented by beautiful newcomer, Foxy [Foxy Nana I think, –sorry there's nothing about her on OBE TV website]. This gorgeous girl was a ‘breath-of-fresh-air’ –and presented the show with an eloquent lightness that I feel has been missing on OBE [of late]. There was none of the Mokola market, desperate craziness that usually greets you with OBE presenters [off cause ‘Sports with Kwaku’ presenter Kwaku Ofosu-Asare, Freedom Walk and God’s Gentleman –are fabulous]. The Chart show is produced by a company called Fineline Production –and can be seen at the weekends on OBE TV [Sky Digital 207].

**I would like to take this opportunity to say just how much I appreciate OBE TV. And even though, -I feel that ‘if you haven’t got anything positive to say about a topic –you shouldn't’t say anything’ –it would appear that our beloved OBE TV is struggling of late…[I pray that Mr. Bernard Ampaw and team OBE get a financial break through in 2010 -Amen]. Anyway, I hope that OBE TV will continue to produce more programs of this caliber -and hopefully acquire more advertising –and thus be able to push forward.

Note; I feel that what is going on with OBE TV -is what is going on in the world of Media/Arts/Entertainment in Ghana [and in the Ghanaian community] on the whole. It would seem -we just don’t have the finances or the togetherness needed to truly get behind: products/services/goods made by our ‘own’ –and thus we have pockets of our ‘people’ struggling to deliver goods/services etc -to an unsupportive public.

Two –where are all the successful Ghanaians, –and why aren’t they helping/assisting/mentoring/financing -some of these great ventures/enterprises that truly benefit Ghana and the Ghanaian community?

Three –but my biggest gripe is with the level of CHEAPNESS -produced and churned out as ‘the best we can do’ –on daily basis. Pick up any magazine made in Ghana and you’ll find the layout –‘less than’, the photographs –ugly, the editorial –very basic and the texts –'copied and pasted'. Watch a music video and you will find the recording artist lacking [or can’t sing], the styling –mediocre, the directors –unprofessional, and the lighting -so terrible that you can’t see anyone in the video properly. It would seem that anyone with a little bit of money and enough greed to 'sink-a-ship' can get on a plane to Ghana and become a publisher, singer, director, doctor or whatever; –without talent, education or experience. And I for one, am sick of the ordinary and the mediocre -parading as talent in Ghana [making us look like we don't have: -style, or substance, are not creative, or beautiful, or talented, or fabulous or educated].

It’s so sad because we Ghanaians are so respected and talented. Go to any country in the west and you’ll see our achievements. You will find our Ghanaian brothers and sisters at the very top of their game –but go to Ghana and you’ll find ‘I-can-afford’, talentless, ‘jagger jaggers’ –running the show. And this is why I never blog about talentless Ghanaians! Ghanaians must realize that all the truly talented people Ghana Rising celebrates –have had to ‘pay their dues’ etc [I started out as an intern on the fashion desk of mainstream high fashion magazine, Elle and worked my way up the ladder. I worked with [huge] egos and women -who didn't eat -and survived [Praise God] and left with real 'experience' etc. And so I know what I’m talking about when I rant about folks -paying their dues]. …...I pray, 2010 –will find [Papa] God promoting all [of us] talented folks, who have had to stay back and watch -as ‘other’ less talented folks - jumped ahead. I pray that we; passionate, extraordinary, artists, innovators, artisans, 'yet-to-be-media moguls', models, presenters etc etc, –will arise by God’s grace and run the show. …….2010 is going to be the year of restoration, recompense –and meritocracy [Amen]. ……Have a Blessed New Year ….xx

Fashion: MAKSI Clothing….

MAKSI is a new fashion label by sisters, Abena Sekyiamah and Nana Darkoa Sekyiamah -that fuses Ghanaian textiles and craftsmanship with contemporary western designs. With a fabulous eclectic mix of wrap dresses, strapless capri jumpsuit, mini's and bold attire for men, -MAKSI is proving to be Ghana's most coveted label. For more information on MAKSI please visit:www.facebook.com/pages/MAKSI-Clothing

Words of Wisdom: Kwame Nkrumah

"The secret to life is to have no fear"
"We have the blessing of the wealth of our vast resources, the power of our talents and the potentialities of our people. Let us grasp now the opportunities before us and meet the challenge to our survival.”
“It is far better to be free to govern or misgovern yourself than to be governed by anybody else”
“We prefer self-government with danger to servitude in tranquillity.”
"Countrymen, the task ahead is great indeed, and heavy is the responsibility; and yet it is a noble and glorious challenge - a challenge which calls for the courage to dream, the courage to believe, the courage to dare, the courage to do, the courage to envision, the courage to fight, the courage to work, the courage to achieve - to achieve the highest excellencies and the fullest greatness of man. Dare we ask for more in life? "
"Africa is a paradox which illustrates and highlights neo-colonialism. Her earth is rich, yet the products that come from above and below the soil continue to enrich, not Africans predominantly, but groups and individuals who operate to Africa’s impoverishment.”

Object of Desire: Sika Bow Dress

An Ethically made cotton asymmetrical dress in lime green [or black]. The tie at the shoulder can be made into a dramatic bow or left simply tied. Falls to just above the knee and is made in Ghana. £153.50

Object of Desire: Sika Spellbound Empire Line Dress

A beautiful ‘Fair Trade’ purple and white African print empire line dress with thick tonal buckled belt, full skirt and square neck line. £129.50

Object of Desire: Sika Ghanaian Rain Coat

Black printed cotton double breasted mac with large buckled belt at waist. This coat is a classic mac cut with subtle Ghanaian fabric. £193.50
To purchase please visit: www.shoppingbank.com

Politics: Filipp Kondratyev -Where is this electoral candidate now and what of his political aspirations?

I was wondering, –does anyone know the outcome of the ‘Srednyaya Akhtuba District Elections’ in southern Russia? Via google I now know that Joaquim Crima came third but what of Filipp Kondratyev? I just thought I would post the following to give you some background on Filipp Kondratyev and his political aspirations....

Title Russia: Seeking to Lead a District, by Way of Africa [Published: August 24, 2009]
A second candidate of African descent, Filipp Kondratyev, said he would run for head of a rural district in southern Russia, election officials said Monday, making for an unusual slate in a country that is deeply suspicious of immigrants. The campaign for head of the Srednyaya Akhtuba district, in the Volgograd region, has attracted widespread news media attention because of the candidacy of Joaquim Crima, a Guinea-Bissau native who has become known as the Barack Obama of Russia. But now he faces a challenger with racial credentials even more like Mr. Obama’s — Mr. Kondratyev is the son of a Ghanaian father and a Russian mother. Mr. Obama is the son of a white mother from Kansas and a black father from Kenya. [Credit: By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS]

Business: Interims for Development [Recruitment for Africa]

“We assist private, public and non-governmental sector employers in Africa and the UK through a range of employment and training solutions designed to build management, leadership and professional skills and to enhance good governance…… We provide professional Interim Managers for short-term technical, project and training support within Africa. We also provide Career Management and Employment Training and Coaching services to facilitate professional employment opportunities for people of African and minority ethnic descent in the UK.” www.interimsfd.com
Ghanaian business woman Frances Williams

Interims for Development is a privately held UK-based company established by African professionals in response to the expressed need by African countries for capacity building as a key requirement for sustainable development.

Interims for Development was established in 2002 by Frances Williams, a Human Resources Management and Training Professional with almost 20 years’ industry and consultancy experience in Europe and Africa.Interims operates in partnership with a network of experienced Associates including Trainers, Consultants and Interim Managers from across a wide range of professional backgrounds.

Our Associates and Interims are well placed to promote international best practice in people management and development within the operating and cultural context of Africa today.

Interims for Development has built a strong reputation as an innovative and successful organization emanating from the African Diaspora. Our contribution to capacity building in Africa has been recognized with the 2005 Gold Award for Innovative Capacity Building at the British awards of the GWIIN (Global Women Inventors and Innovators Network). For more information please Visit: www.interimsfd.com

*Note: Frances Williams is also the brains behind, ReconnectAfrica.

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Music: Nya Jade

Talented and beautiful – singer/songwriter Nya Jade has the most exquisite voice. Soulful, –this Ghanaian born ‘ray-of-sunshine’s album "The Road To Adam" –is jam-packed with mouth watering music [the type that makes you fall in love]-and is available on iTunes. For more information or to buy the album please visit:www.myspace.com/nyajade and her Official Website at:www.nyajade.com

Ghana Rising Hearts Arabella Asereba Kiesbauer

Cosima Arabella-Asereba Kiesbauer (born April 8, 1969 in Vienna, Austria) is a TV presenter, writer and actress. She grew up in Vienna with her grandmother after her mother Hannelore (a German theater actress) and her father Sammy Ammissah (an engineer from Ghana) separated.

While she studied journalism and drama she started to work as presenter with the Austrian public service television broadcaster ORF. From 1994 to 2004 she hosted her own daily talk show Arabella on the German TV channel Pro7. On January 17, 2006 she started a weekly late night talk show Talk ohne Show on the Berlin TV station N24 TV. However, after 40 shows she resigned suddenly claiming that the frequent traveling between Vienna and Berlin was putting too much stress on her private life.

Arabella Kiesbauer won several awards for her TV work, 1994 the Bayerischen Fernsehpreis in the category Best Talk-Newcomer and 1996 the media award Das Goldene Kabel.

On June 9, 1995 she was the target of a letter bomb at the Pro7 studios. However she did not open the letter; this being done by her assistant who was subsequently injured by the bomb. She appeared in the German Playboy on the cover and 14 pages in July 1995. Arabella Kiesbauer also works as a model and fashion ambassador for the shoe company Vögele Shoes. Since November 2004 Kiesbauer has been married to the Viennese businessman Florens Eblinger. They have a daughter called Nika who was born in Vienna on December 2, 2007. [Credit:www.wikipedia.org]

**I love TV Presenter Arabella Asereba Kiesbauer’s elegant Euro-fabulous style. Confident and neat –Arabella knows what suits her and doesn’t compromise. For more information about Arabella please visit: www.arabella-kiesbauer.at

Beauty: Malou Hansson

Malou Hansson is a beautiful; model and actress -who made history in 2002’ –when she become the first black woman to be crowned Miss Sweden. Of Swedish and Ghanaian parentage, Malou is now based in the USA –and is pursuing a career in music.

Friday, 25 December 2009

Sports: Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong.......Ghana Rising is behind you 100 percent ......God Bless you in the 2010 Games [Vancouver, Canada in February].

Enjoy the following informative piece about Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong, -Ghana's [and Africa] only Olympic skier. Ghana Rising is behind Kwame 100 percent...and pray God's Blessings and success at the up-coming games...x

[Title:Ghana's Snow Leopard on the Winter Olympics prowl]
[By: Anna Thompson Date: 10.12.09]
**You know how it is. The Winter Olympics come around every four years and all of a sudden our interest is suddenly awakened in sports we've no real idea about and athletes we've never heard of.

Well the 2010 Games are just around the corner, starting on 12 February in Vancouver, Canada, to be precise, and will conjure up new unexpected heroes for their own 15 minutes of fame. And one of these could well be Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong.

While most Winter Olympians dream of standing on the podium, proudly displaying a medal around their necks, he will be hoping not to finish last. It doesn't sound much of an aspiration but the skier wants to make his nation - Ghana - proud.

He has become the first Ghanaian to qualify for the Winter Olympics and will be competing in slalom and giant slalom at Whistler Creekside. He is fully aware of his novelty status but is desperate not to be tagged in the same hapless loser category as Eddie the Eagle, the British ski jumper (in the loosest sense of the word) who came to the world's attention with his glorious failure at the Calgary Olympics in 1988.

He told me: "I don't want to finish last. There are a couple of small nation competitors I want to beat so I'm rubbing my hands and gearing up to try and thrash them. "I also want to try and close the gap between the time of the guy who finishes first and me." Which might take some effort.

Having looked at his statistics, Nkrumah-Acheampong has only competed at the top level - and by this I mean the World Ski Championships - on two occasions, at Are, Sweden, in 2007 and in 2009 at Val d'Isere in France.

In 2007, he finished last in the giant slalom and in 2009 he found himself in a similar position in the slalom, 36 seconds behind the winner, Austria's Manfred Pranger. There was more cheer in the giant slalom, when he didn't finish rock bottom, he managed to beat racers from Nepal and Mongolia, but was still more than one minute behind gold medallist, Switzerland's Carlo Janka.

Nkrumah-Acheampong said he would like to pitch his Olympic dream nearer to the Cool Runnings guys, the Jamaican bobsleigh team from 1988 who triumphed against the odds and famously had a film made after them. "They came into a sport, nobody expected them to do well and they kind of changed the face of bobsleigh because their push-start times were really competitive.

"The Eddie the Eagle story kind of got out of hand, a whole media fracas. "I see myself as trying to do my best with the resources available." Nkrumah-Acheampong has not taken the convential route to becoming an Olympic skier. Although born in Scotland he was raised in Ghana but moved back to the UK in 2002 - and ironically it was snowing when he stepped off the plane.

He took a job at Xscape, the indoor snow centre at Milton Keynes, and was able to mess around on skis like the rest of the employees. "I entered fun races at the end of the season and didn't do too badly, coming in the top 20 so I thought I'd train with some ski racers and see if I was good at ski racing." And he did seem to have a natural aptitude for the sport so he set about qualifying for the 2006 Winter Olympics but he narrowly missed out on satisfying the qualification criteria.

Instead of putting him off, it only made him more determined and earlier this year he succeeded, taking odd jobs and trying to secure sponsorship to help fund his battle, including getting fans and well-wishers to "sponsor a spot" on his snow leapord ski suit. Most of his training takes place at the unglamorous setting of Hemel Hempstead Snow Centre in Hertfordshire, which is not ideal as the slope is only 160m long.

But he does also have an arrangement with Italian ski resort Val di Fiemme where he is now ruthlessly preparing for the Winter Olympics, spending eight hours a day on the snow. He has had to sacrifice time with his wife, Sena, who works at the Open University in Milton Keynes, and his young children Ellice and Jason, but ultimately they will be with him when it matters, slope side in Canada.

And he is hoping his appearance will have a lasting legacy for the right reasons - and he genuinely believes an African can make it to the top in ski racing with the right training. "I wake up some mornings and ask myself "what have you gone and done?" I get e-mails from people saying they're going to be watching me so there is pressure, pressure from all angles.

"But I think I have a unique opportunity to open up a special door into the Winter Olympics for Ghana so I hope I go to the Olympics and ski in such a way that people go "wow"."

And to this end he has set up a project, supported by American skier Ted Ligety, to build an artificial ski slope in Ghana, on the Akuapem Hills in Mamfe. "I want people to say "If it's taken only six years for this guy to go this far, we can do better".

"The majority of people in Ghana think I'm crazy but some think I'm doing something unique, to inspire Ghanaians and Africans to try something different."
[Credit: http://www.bbc.co.uk]

Art: George Hughes

“Art has become a ‘forum’ through which I visually analyze the predicaments of humanity such as war, violence and tragedy. Our beliefs, occupations, destiny and how they affect our relationship with fellow human beings, continues to intrigue and inspire me to work.” George Hughes

As you all know, -I love Art and I’m very exited by these Abstract gems by contemporary Ghanaian artist and poet, George Hughes aka Afedzi. Just feast your eyes on Heritage-1, Genealogy and Mask, ‘09, I want them –now! For more information about George Hughes please visit: www.gohughes.com

George Hughes at work [2007]

I was wondering, –when was the last ‘Retrospective’ of George Hughes work in Ghana or better still, –do we have a museum dedicated to contemporary Ghanaian Artist? ...xx


Saturday, 19 December 2009

Publisher: Reggie Ansah the founder of Luxure Magazine [one of the most exclusive magazines in the world]...

I remember Reggie Ansah from a hundred years ago. I remember him as the assistant to [I believe] uber fashion and catwalk photographer Chris Moore, -and myself as a fashion intern at British Elle. My friends and I used to bump into him twice a year at the fashion shows –and now he is the Editor-in-Chief of the uber exclusive -Luxure Magazine [a fashion insider secret] –and I’m truly pleased for him [he always had style]. Luxure Magazine is a bi-annual magazine, published in April and September [you can buy the latest copy from: Borders, Harrods, Selfridges and R.D Franks or subscribe via their website] Note, Reggie is following in a long line of Ghanaians who have dominated the world of publishing in the UK. From Margaret Busby CBE [Britain's first black woman publisher] to Elkin Kwesi Pianim [the founder of New Nation Newspaper, ex husband of Elisabeth Murdoch –the daughter of Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch and the son of financial and political mogul Kwame Pianim] –*** I will be joining this list soon [please God]. For more information about Luxure Magazine –please visit: www.luxuremagazine.com

Bojo Beach ...Probably the best beach in Ghana...

As a fashion stylist [yes this is one of my many professions] I’m always on the look out for beautiful locations –and I now believe that Bojo Beach –‘located along the Accra-Cape Coast road past McCarthy Hill and just 40 minutes from downtown Accra’ is probably the best beach –and one of the best locations for a shoot –in Ghana [please - don’t spoil it before I get there!]...xx

Reggie Yates hosts ‘Can You Move Like Michael Jackson’ ....And the BBC want to see you [yes you] dancing folks…

Can you dance like the late great Michael Jackson? If so, why not film yourselves doing the choreographed routine in my last post -and send it to the BBC at:: www.bbc.co.uk/movelikemichaeljackson/goldenticket You could be in with a chance of being featured in this new show [hosted by the gorgeous Reggie Yates]...

Anyway, below is Reggie with more info about the show [It looks like a lot of fun - I better get my gear on. I'm thinking -my 'Jane Fonda' green all-in-one, my red and black stripy 'FAME' legwarmers and some serious hairdo -what do think folks?]

BBC Three’s ‘Move like Michael Jackson’! ....It’s your chance to join in....

BBC Three has launched a nationwide search to find Britain's most talented and original dancers who can demonstrate they have the showmanship of Michael Jackson for a six part series going out December 2009.

Loads of dancers turned up for BBC Three’s MOVE LIKE MICHAEL JACKSON auditions and performed their hearts out.

The judges were impressed by the talent on show. But only 16 finalists will get the chance to work with Michael Jackson’s choreographer and friend Lavelle Smith Jr. Then they’ll go head-to-head in a dance-off which will be judged by Jermaine Jackson, Jamelia and Mark Summers (European casting director for the THIS IS IT Tour).

Stay tuned for all the action when the six-part series, hosted by Radio 1’s Reggie Yates starts on BBC Three on Monday 14th December and ends with the Live Final on 20th December.

But the fun is just beginning – now it’s your chance to join in!

Lavelle Smith Jr has created a new routine exclusive to BBC Three to ‘BEAT IT’, featuring five classic Michael Jackson moves – the Moonwalk, Toe Pop, Crotch Grab, Lean and Leg Kick.

All you need to do is go to the BBC Three website and choose one of the moves to learn using Lavelle’s easy-to-follow tutorials, film yourself copying the choreography and then upload it. Simple!

Whether your interpretation is smooth or just plain criminal, your video may be featured on television during the live final on BBC Three! Plus once you have submitted your entry you can enter your name to get one of a pair of tickets to the LIVE FINAL itself. For more information visit: www.bbc.co.uk/movelikemichaeljackson/goldenticket

Celeb mash-up:

The Routine in full:

Leg Kick:

Crotch grab:



Toe Pop:

2009 The Year of Comebacks..... Behold, God is doing a ‘New Thing’.....

“Remember not the former thing. Neither consider the things of old. Behold, I am doing a new thing, Even now it is springing to light. Do you not perceive it? A way will I make in the wilderness And rivers in the desert!” Isaiah 43:16, 18-19

I believe that, if you haven’t had to start [all over] again by the the age of 35, –then you are either ‘No threat to the devil’–or you haven’t ‘dared-to-live’. I had to comeback again -this year after letting go of my model agency [and other stuff], -and all the heartache that this experience entailed –nearly killed me, but by God’s Grace [Amen] –I am back. And so -I would like to thank God because:

"Blessed is the man whom God corrects; so do not despise the discipline of the Almighty. For he wounds, but he also binds up; he injures, but his hands also heal. From six calamities he will rescue you; in seven no harm will befall you.” Job 5:17-19

I would also like to send out some BIG Love to Okomfo Kwaade, Lord Kenya, myself, Mischa Barton, Eminem, Whitney Houston, Britney Spears and Holly Johnson [Frankie Goes to Hollywood] and anyone [reading this] –who has had to start again, -and 'comeback' this year. Don’t begrudge the experience folks, –because these are the very lessons –that are needed to get 'you' -to the next level [by Gods Grace ...Amen].

Note, - you’ll know you have been delivered/corrected/healed by God's grace [and are making a comeback] because you will no longer have ‘Anything’ to prove. After the storm, you will notice many things.....-for example; you’ll find that you –can no longer do anything without God [and accept this fact without bitterness]. You’ll also notice that you only have two friends left [if you are lucky /blessed. You will know for sure who your [real] friends are –and be very selective about the rest, -letting only those –who are going to edify and nourish your soul –within an inch of your temple/your being]. Note, - you’ll also find it very difficult to gossip or judge people after this period ...and will be greatly distressed by poverty/injustice/hurting children/bad governance etc. But the most amazing of these new blessings are –the ‘No Bitterness’ and the ‘No Prejudice’ feelings. To hear someone disrespect another [because they come from a different place –say] –is such an ugly experience. I got a big revelation during this period too –and it was to do with God having –purposefully created every human being [of every colour and of every race] –and thus, to hate Polish people [for example] –is to hate God, or hate Jewish/Nigerian/Ghanaian/Gambian people etc – is to hate God [this type of revelation is soo big –and will only come to you ‘during’ a storm]...

But the biggest change is the creativity. I seem to be bursting with lots and lots of creative ideas. I guess there is nothing like coming back from ‘Hell’ to get all your creative juices going –just look at this Blog [hehehe] Merry Christmas folks [and welcome back].......’Big-tings-are-gown’ next year!!! xxx

Random: Embassy of The Kingdom of The Netherlands in Accra, Ghana

I love the desgin of the Dutch embassy building in Accra, -it is both [very] African and contemporay -the way forward [me thinks]. Architecture has come a long way in Ghana -fabulous!

Monday, 7 December 2009

Ghanaian Princess: An interview with Sheila Boakye Agyemang

Shelia[on the left] with her friends on a night out[yes, I recognise some of her friends too] How Fabulous are these ladies!

Shelia [on the left] with her friends chilling out on the beach in Accra...

“It is my dream that Ghana becomes a real Home –where its citizens won’t want to travel outside for greener pastures. I dream of a Ghana with a vibrant Model industry that pays its models well.” Sheila Boakye Agyemang’s

I love and –have enjoyed all our interviews on Ghana Rising [so far], but I have until now, -been eluded by an interview with a Ghana based -Ghanaian Princess.... Well folks, –I’m very pleased to bring you our very first interview with a Ghana based Princess called Sheila Boakye Agyemang; -a beautiful sister living in the Dansoman area in Accra. Shelia is a mother, a model [Exopa Models, Ghana] and a student –and I stumbled across her via a music website –and then managed to contact her via Facebook. I'm so pleased to be able to introduce Shelia -because she is the 'contemporary' face of Africa that is not [often] portrayed or celebrated, -she is not starving or dying [praise God] but is out there ‘doing-her-thing’ –and I’m sure you'll agree -she is pretty special. Viva Shelia...Enjoy folks...…xx

GR: Hi Shelia how are you?
SBA: I'm good!!

GR: Are you working or studying right now?
SBA: At the moment I’m a model with Exopa but I recently completed a course in ‘Passenger Handling’ at International Travel and Tourism Institute and hope to be part of the Emirates Cabin crew.

GR: Can you tell us about your background?
SBA: I'm a simple and out going person -and this has gained me the love and favor from many. I live in Dansoman with my family, -my mom and my siblings. I have two sisters who are twins, Edith and Judith -and my son Nana Agyeman Bawuah.

GR: Wow you have a son [Nana Agyeman Bawuah]. How old is he -and how do you juggle the joys of motherhood, modelling and your 'Travel and Tourism' training?
SBA: Oh-my-goodness! Nana is a lovely son...He is seven years...I love him so much. He is a gift from God. He makes me happy when I'm sad. I love him so much. He schools in Dansoman. I make real and precious time for my son, -I put him ahead of everything I do. I get help from my lovely family -especially my mum. She steps in for me when it’s hard for me. My sisters have also been supportive. To be able to juggle motherhood, modelling and the ‘Travel and Tourism’, I need to make a well planned schedule for myself, -this helps me to plan before hand. I will credit most of my success to the Almighty God. He gave me a precious son, a lovely family and my wonderful Self.

GR: Ghana is so hot right now. Can you name the following?
GR: Your favourite Ghanaian night club?
SBA: Cinderella’s

GR: Your favourite Ghanaian recording artist [singer etc]?
SBA: Sarkodie

GR: Your favourite Ghanaian [fashion] model?
SBA: Jocelyn Nketia of Exopa Ghana

GR: Your favourite Ghanaian Actor and Actress?
SBA: Nadia Buari and Kofi Adu (Agya Koo)
Actress Nadia Buari [pictured here with her partner – footballer, Michael Essien] is Shelia’s favourite Ghanaian actress...

GR: Your favourite part of Ghana and why?
SBA: Accra -because there are a lot of opportunities in Accra.

GR: How do you chill out?
SBA: I love Night clubbing with my girl friends and male friends especially Nana Kwame Adu-Gyamfi.

GR: How would you describe your style?
SBA: When it comes to dressing, I like it simple and nice and catchy, -a little make-up with short nails. I'm a very humble and moderate person [character wise I mean].

GR: Name your favorite Ghanaian designer(s)?
SBA: Nana Esi Hene, Kiki Clothing and Salimi Akil

GR: You are beautiful -what is your secret?
SBA: God the PROVIDER!!! I use Palmer's for my body and Blue Magic for my hair. I wear Hugo Boss (for women), Sentiment by Escada and Matsuri Annayaki

GR: Who does your hair, your nails and do you go to the gym?
SBA: First Choice....I visit the Gym.

GR: On to more serious stuff, -what are your hopes and dreams for Ghana?

SBA: It is my dream that Ghana becomes a real Home –where its citizens won’t want to travel outside for greener pastures. I dream of a Ghana with a vibrant Model industry that pays its models well.

GR: Thank you gorgeous lady. God Bless all your dreams.
SBA: Thanks and long live Ghana Rising!!!

Some of Sheila Boakye Agyemang’s favourite things...

Sheila Boakye Agyemang modeling Kiki Clothing during Ghana Fashion Week…

Like all ‘girls-about-town’ Sheila loves fashion [she is a model after all] –and is a big fan of Nana Esi Hene, Kiki Clothing and Salimi Akil. Pictured in one of my favourite pieces from the Kiki Clothing Collection –Shelia [a fan of simple but elegant dressing] looks fabulous –[www.kikiclothing.com].

With regards to beauty [apart from her good genes] –she credits God for all her physical blessings; and also uses Palmers for her face [and body] –and Blue Magic for her hair. I’m also a big fan of Palmer’s and particularly love their Palmer's Cocoa Butter Formula enriched with Vitamin E. This soothing and rich moisturizing –emollient; soften and heals rough, dry skin, -smoothing and blending unattractive marks and scars [www.etbrowne.com].

Shelia has fabulous taste in perfumes –and is a big fan of Escada and Hugo Boss fragrances. Both Desire Me by Escada [www.escada.com] and Hugo Boss Femme Perfume are classic, feminine fragrances -that will see any busy gal -from office to ‘girl’s night out’ [www.hugo.com].

Fashion: Elaine A. Mensah

I love Elaine A. Mensah, –she is fabulous, stylish and so on trend. A rising star in the ‘World Of Fashion’ –what Elaine’s company SVELTE, LLC -doesn’t offer isn’t worth knowing. SVELTE -a Fashion PR company provides: production, publishing, styling [for editorial and commercial campaigns], and media services for clients -in the fashion, lifestyle and luxury brand industries. I particularly love her styling and tireless work for ‘Fashion Fights Poverty’ -and her newly launched video/TV blog, -Svelte TV -where she shares all the latest, yummy happenings in the world of fashion. For more information please visit: SVELTE at: www.svelte-emc.com

Music: Caroline Lund ‘The Next Big Thing’….

If you love dance music [or like me, –are always on the look out for the ‘Next Big thing’] then you’ll love Caroline Lund’s music. Born in Ghana and raised in Stockton, California – Caroline’s a fierce musician and dancer. Check out her hot, club-tastic music at: www.myspace.com/carolinelund

Random: The Oldest Hotel in Accra -The Sea View Hotel

Is this historic hotel still standing? If so –we must try to conserve it by renovating it in a sympathetic manor….

Friday, 4 December 2009

Beauty News Flash: Berlin Investments Limited to launch Black's Secret make-up products in Ghana

According to Ghana News agency; Berlin Investments Limited –headed by Mr Benard Kingsley Annoh, is to launch a new range of make-up [aimed at the black woman] in Ghana by the end of the year –and they have brought uber make-up artist Mrs Renee Q. Boateng, to demonstrate and train their staff in the application of this exciting new brand called Black’s Secret. The company will also be launching a skin care line [lotion, moisturizers etc] –in the near future. Folks, -I will keep you posted…xx

Beauty: Shirley Selase Anku

Beautiful Ghanaian Model, Shirley Selase Anku is not just a ‘pretty face’ –she is a college graduate, a Triple Jump Record holder for Ghana, a past runner-up at the,’ Face of Africa’ competition, -has starred in commercials for Jc Penny's, Mary-Kay and 7-Eleven, –and appeared on numerous catwalks around the globe. I especially love her on the cover of 'TimeOut Accra' –where she shines. Go Shirley…..