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Culture: Ghana National Museum on Slavery and Freedom (GNMOSAF) due to open Summer 2017......

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Ghana is to get a new international cultural centre ---can you Adam & Eve it? Nor can I!! But I’m pleasantly surprised –and Ghana’s cultural elite are buzzing with delight at this latest news!!!  

A special committee comprising the Ghanaian government, some of the most distinguished Ghanaian business leaders and educators will work with……wait for it…………..Ghana Rising fave, world renowned architect David Adjaye and United States developer Strategic Urban Development Alliance, LLC  (SUDA)---to build Ghana’s first, ‘state-of-the-art Museum’ ---and La Ghana Rising Blog is beyond astatic!!!

Ghana National Museum on Slavery and Freedom (GNMOSAF) promises to be more than an international museum, it will be the, ‘cornerstone of a larger development, which in its entirety, is to serve as a global education and tourist destination and will include an international conference centre, a luxury hotel and additional venues for entertainment’.

And Even though it dedicated to the, ‘study, documentation and interpretation of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trades’ ---this international institution will also showcase Ghana’s majestic history (culture, customs, costumes et al) –and be the finest cultural hub in Ghana, on par with uber international cultural hubs like: The British Museum, MOMA, the Tate, The Smithsonian et al…

Ghana National Museum on Slavery and Freedom (GNMOSAF) is due for completion in summer 2017 ---and Ghana Rising can’t wait.

The following info is taken from GNMOSAF’s elegant website….

“Join us on a journey through one of the historic projects of a lifetime, building the Ghana National Museum on Slavery and Freedom (GNMOSAF).  The government of Ghana has chartered a Public-Private Partnership to develop GNMOSAF at a location near the historic slave castles at Cape Coast and Elmina, Ghana.  The museum will serve as the cornerstone of the larger cultural heritage complex which includes a conference centre, hotels, shopping and an entertainment venue for tourists and the people of Ghana.  GNMOSAF, as an international institution, will provide archival preservation, documentation, interpretation and education about the African & Transatlantic Slave Trade. Upon completion, the development project will stand as one of Africa’s most important cultural resources and institutions advocating the eradication of all forms of modern day slavery and human trafficking.  By honouring the lives of the past, we seize the opportunity to reconcile as a people globally.  Grand Opening Summer 2017." GNMOSAF
It’s nice to be saying this… after sometime of saying the very opposite, ----but God Bless the Ghanaian government, the distinguished Ghanaian business leaders and educators and David Adjaye and the United States developer Strategic Urban Development Alliance, LLC  (SUDA –for this incredible gift to Ghana and its wonderful people.

For more info visit: http://gnmosaf.org/
Do LIKE their Facebook page via: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ghana-National-Museum-on-Slavery-and-Freedom/479044425474800

More Info:
The museum will be an international institution for the archival preservation, study, documentation and interpretation of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade.

SUDA, LLC has been selected as the developer for the Ghana National Museum on Slavery and Freedom (GNMOSAF). The museum will be an international institution for the archival preservation, study, documentation and interpretation of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade via the slave castles at Elmina and Cape Coast. This state-of-the-art Museum is the cornerstone of a larger development, which in its entirety, is to serve as a global education and tourist destination and will include an international conference centre, a luxury hotel and additional venues for entertainment.

Ghana has enlisted the support of the international community to provide technical and administrative expertise in all aspects of the planning and development of the Ghana National Museum on Slavery project. The public/private sector planning and development process will include strategic collaborations with the Smithsonian Institution Museum of African American History and Culture, UNESCO, the British National Museum and other museum complexes in the world.

A Stylish Moment: Adwoa Aboah & Charlie Casely-Hayford styled by Edward Enninful for W Magazine April 2013 issue….

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I’m flabbergasted!!! How fash-fabulous-fierce is this uber ‘Ghanaian’ fashion moment?

High fashion goes all Ghanaian with some of the hottest industry players of Ghanaian origin coming together for a shoot which I’m thinking…was stolen from my fashion fantasy dreams (laughter) …

I stumbled upon this gorgeous image of ‘Charlie C-H wearing vintage Joe Casely-Hayford in the April issue of W magazine with Adwoa Aboah. Shot by Tim Walker and styled by Edward Enninful’ on the Casely-Hayford facebook page ---and just had to share. As a Ghanaian fashionista, this is fashion heaven.

I think the May issue of W magazine is out right now, but you can still contact them [W mag] for back issues.

To keep up withal the fab happenings at Casely-Hayford visit their Facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/CaselyHayfordLondon


Luxe Food & Lifestyle: Sushi by Santoku Japanese Restaurant & Bar Accra, Ghana

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Santoku Japanese Restaurant & Bar’s lunch time sushi creations are yummy, healthy and elegantly presented, ---what’s not to love?

Adding to Accra, Ghana’s growing band of uber luxe brands and high-end services -Santoku Restaurant, loved by the likes of Ghana Rising fave, Kofi Annan, Grammy award winning singer, Chris Brown and his Excellency the President of Ghana John Mohama and first lady Lordina -never disappoints, and continues to be the sexiest restaurant in Africa…. For more info visit: https://www.facebook.com/SantokuAccra

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Real Estate & Lifestyle: Beautiful Apartments for Rent by Sphynx Property Consultants in Accra, Ghana......

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I’m going to be honest, I’ve not used the services of Sphynx Property Consultants based in Accra, Ghana –thus you must do your homework, call them---visit them blah, blah, blah before renting with them as you’d do with all estate agents etc.
Anyway I just had to share some of the lovely apartments on their books with you. And also, the above fabulous images of some of the loveliest homes and locals in Accra Ghana are just perfect for showcasing what the property market is all about in Ghana –right now!!!!

Note, Sphynx Property Consultants are not only an estate agent but are developers –too. For more info about Sphynx Property Consultants visit: http://www.sphynxpc.com/


More Info:

“Coming February 2014. First-class residential community 5 minutes drive from the International airport and Accra mall. More information available soon at www.sphynxpc.com Email: info@sphynxpc.com 0302973871” Sphynx Property Consultants

Credit: All photo come courtesy of Sphynx Property Consultants

Technology & Retail: Device

"The Latest High-Tech Wholesale & Retail store in Ghana. Stay up-to-date with our amazing range of Mobiles, Accessories, Gadgets and more." Device

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Its good to know there’s an elegant techno communication shop in Oxford Street -Osu, Accra Ghana that is on hand to help the likes of me to work out one end of a mobile phone from the other.

Honestly…. I was gifted a touch phone monstrosity thingy the other day (everyone is sick of my ancient mobile phone accept me) and it was driving me crazy –so even though I’m grateful –I’ve gone back to my maame maame keypad phone (laughter).  For more info about Device visit: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Device/517682844950163

Luxe Lifestyle: The Race to Bring ‘Real’ Louis Vuitton to Ghana is Still On….

My all-time favourites, vintage Louis Vuitton luggage…..

Bush Luxe: An aspirational calabash bowl with the LV monogram logo….

 LV wallpaper

La Naomi Campbell with her Louis Vuitton luggage.  


Big Trend: The Louis Vuitton birthday cake……

For those who refuse to do ‘fake’ but can’t afford to buy Louis Vuitton just yet in Ghana, –the aspirational LV logo birthday cake is the next best thing…..


More LV Birthday Cakes...

“One dozen cupcake with our designer logo disc toppers...all 100% edible.”  Made Fresh daily Cakes


Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: As you can imagine blogging since 2009 about the high-life, uber luxe services and the lifestyle yumminess available in Ghana has made me privy to some hot insider gossip and afforded me a host of knowledge of what’s hot and what’s not in Ghana.

Not bragging but most of the time I’ve lead the way by God’s grace and other times -- I’ve been happy to follow (small, small) but one of the most persistence things/news over the years has been the race (behind the scenes) to be the first to take ‘REAL’ Louis Vuitton to Ghana.

For those of you green eyed monsters (I know you all –laughter) don’t faint oOoOoo –the race is still on but I’m hearing rumours that a certain ‘big boy’ now based abroad but making his way to Accra in his pointy crocodile shoes (mercy) ---is getting close to bringing Louis Vuitton, I think as a concession in one of those soon to open hotels –to Accra, Ghana.

I’m sooo not sure if this is true. ---It would be absolutely fabulous  if it were, goodness knows we Ghanaians love our Louis Vuitton, fake or real (mercy)….but I’m not sure!!!

The truth is, to bring Louis Vuitton -one of the world’s most luxurious, beyond aspirational brands to Ghana which does boasts the most elegant consumers in Africa, but is still a market that’s really number three in Sub-Saharan Africa ---behind established luxury consumers South Africa, –and Nigeria --Africa’s most populous country –is no small feat. 

I’m not going to give it away (although I usually am happy to), but it’s not only going to take some serious cachet, talent, connections, gravitas ---but some serious SIKA!!!!

Bringing heritage lifestyle brand Louis Vuitton (est 1854) to Ghana will ultimately mean going into partnership with said brand, basically going into business with Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive of LVMH, the luxury conglomerate which owns Louis Vuitton ---and unless you have some sort of high-end lifestyle portfolio, I can’t imagine them (LV) saying yes…

Mind you –said person if persistent could do what many of us do and buy it as and when ‘our’ people in Ghana need (and pay for) it, but then its only really a ‘local preaching to the converted if you know what I mean’ business –no??? I’m guessing what we all want to do is bring said luxury brand to Ghana, –lock-stock-and-two-smoking-barrels and have ‘that’ exclusive bragging rights –no?   
Still there is hope, Louis Vuitton is now available in small-town cities like Guangxi and Hefei in China, its biggest consumer base, which is starting to see signs of ‘logo fatigue’ –something that happened decades earlier in Japan, ---thus has started to open fewer stores –and might now want to look at smaller, more niche, emerging markets like ---Ghana say!!!!!

Anyway, money talks…… so we’ll all have to keep our beady eyes opened ---and see what transpires. Xxxxx

Kumasi: Ghana to get a second commercial City…work set for completion in 2015….


Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: As a ‘one’ functional city status nation --Ghana was lagging behind the likes of South Africa and even Nigeria which not only boosts Lagos but Abuja; but if reports reaching moi are true then that’s all about to change (mercy).

I don’t know if I Adam and Eve it ----as numerous talks of a this and that and even talks of ‘Sunshine’ Malls and what- have-yous over the years have proved false (or delayed chop sika stylee wink, wink) but it seems that Kumasi’s airport is to be upgraded, turned into an international airport with hotels, commercial and residential hubs and wait for it……………………………………… a mega shopping mall.

I really hope and pray that this is true. We can no longer afford to be an overcrowded, prone to cholera outbreaks ---one city state. Just the daily migration of northern Ghanaians –alone, never mind our brothers and sisters and their children and life stock (mercy) from Chad and Niger on mass exodus --- into Accra is forcing the little resources in Accra to breaking point.

Anyway, I’m going to investigate further and will keep you(s) in the loop…xx

The development of the Kumasi airstrip into an international airport will cost the government 300 million dollars and will take 36 months to complete.

The project which has already taken off as promised by the city’s new mayor will involve the refurbishment of the terminal as well as the improvement of the runway.

It would also include the construction of hotels, restaurants, a conference hall and a massive car park.


P.s I wrote the above text two weeks ago  and the following is what I found today as I was going to upload the above.....

 Title: Work to upgrade Kumasi Airport begins

Work to upgrade the Kumasi Airport to international standard by the end of 2015 has commenced.
The project, valued at about $300 million, would see the construction of a new two-storey ultra-modern terminal, restaurants, shopping and parking areas, and a ring road around the airport.
Currently, upgrading work on the existing runway and some related works are in progress. A new runway will be added in due course, after which flights can take off and land in the night.
Mrs Doreen Owusu-Fianko, the Managing Director of the Ghana Airports Company, who  made this known in Kumasi last Thursday, said possibly, by next year when the Ghana Immigration Service and the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority set up their offices at the airport, the facility would be technically declared an international airport.
She stated these when consultants to the new terminal project, Avanti Architects Limited, introduced the final drawings for the project to the media in Kumasi.
The terminal project would be financed with internally generated funds (IGF) of the Ghana Airports Company and the private sector.
Stressing on the importance of the Kumasi airport to national development, the MD said the need to transform the airport to international standards was necessary, adding, “This is a very important project for the country.”
She also said the passenger traffic at the Kumasi airport, which presently stood at 14,000 a month, would increase to about five million annually when the airport attained international status.
Mrs Owusu-Fianko said the upgrading of the airport was in line with the company’s move to make Kumasi “an airport city.”
She appealed to the Kumasi Metropolitan Assembly (KMA) to play its role in making the project a reality.
An architect, Mr Michael Jumu, said the international airport would also depict “the tradition and culture of the people of Ashanti.” He was also confident that the project would be carried out on schedule.
The KMA Chief Executive, Mr Kojo Bonsu, expressed his determination to do everything possible to get the project completed on time.
He said upgrading Kumasi airport would be a massive step to change the development of Kumasi and attract investors.
Story: Kwame Asare Boadu

Technology & Travel: The Trokxi App –making travelling in Ghana easier and cheaper….


“Trokxi provides you with estimated fares for public transportation and destinations. To help you budget, save money, time and minimize transport-related frauds.” Trokxi


“Budget your transport with Trokxi before you step out. Visit trokxi.appspot.com. Entrepreneurs-in-Training at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology, this team of 4 are fun, radical thinking with a tinge of geekiness ready to revolutionize the world and put Africa on the forefront. Trokxi provides you with estimated fares for public transportation and destinations. To help you budget, save money, time and minimize transport-related frauds. Trokxi is an application mapping the major cities and their transport systems in Ghana. It provides directions, distances as well as price estimates between user locations and preferred destinations. Leveraging on Google maps API, users can have road maps.” Trokxi

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Yippee travelling in Ghana especially in Accra is made easier and cheaper by the Trokxi public transport app, which promises to help you to budget your “trip before stepping out” and like a good satnav will help to map your, “routes so you don't get lost.”  An end to the ubiquitous day-light-robbery by various taxi drivers me think….

Taxis, buses, -Trokxi is also making flying between various cities in Ghana easier, by allowing you to, “get and compare ticket price information” and much more. For more info visit: http://www.trokxi.appspot.com/index

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Not to Be Missed: Blitz the Ambassador plays the Soul of Brooklyn/Afropolitan Dreams Block Party on the 4th May 2013

Ghana Rising fave, rapper Blitz the Ambassador plays the Soul of Brooklyn/Afropolitan Dreams Block Party on the 4th May 2013 alongside the uber fabulous Les Nubians … Not to be missed me thinks!!!  According to Blitz’s FB page he plans on, “bringing the #AfropolitanDreams Block Party to Accra City next.” I can’t wait.

For more info about the block party visit Blitz the Ambassador’s official website via: http://blitz.mvmt.com/

Do keep up with all of Blitz the Ambassador’s touring happenings via his twitter space at: https://twitter.com/BlitzAmbassador

Thursday, 25 April 2013

Ghanaian Women on Top: Grace Amey-Obeng

African Dream: Ghana's Grace Amey-Obeng

Title: The Ghanaian woman who made millions fighting skin-bleaching
Credit: BBC / Dated: 24 January 2013

Ghana's Grace Amey-Obeng, one of West Africa's most successful businesswomen, made her fortune promoting products which emphasised the beauty of the black skin, at a time when many of her competitors were selling dangerous skin-bleaching formulas.

The business empire she started a quarter of a century ago with around $100 (£63) now has an annual turnover of between $8m and $10m.
Her FC Group of Companies - which includes a beauty clinic, a firm that supplies salon equipment and cosmetics, and a college - has eight branches in Ghana and exports to Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Togo, Ivory Coast, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Mrs Amey-Obeng has won dozens of accolades and industry awards for her skincare beauty products and marketing.

But one of the things that make her especially proud is her FC Beauty College which, since its opening in 1999, has trained more than 5,000 young people, mostly women.

"It's like a family bond. I'm so proud that they have managed to go through the programme," she told the BBC's series African Dream.

Equally important to her is her role as a medical aesthetician and she cites seeing a skin condition resolved as something that gives her "joy".

"I'm so happy that God has given me that talent and that touch to heal people," she said.

'Irreparable damage'
Mrs Amey-Obeng studied beauty therapy in the United Kingdom and after graduation, in the 1980s, returned to her native Ghana.

She knew that in her country women take great pride in their appearance and was convinced that there was a niche market she could "tap into".

Working out of her bag and going from house to house she advised people on skincare.

Soon, however, she became aware that there was "a lot of skin-bleaching going on", a trend she found "alarming" and something that is common in much of Africa.

"The women in the market had destroyed their skin with all this kind of beauty products, bleaching products, and so I saw the need for assisting them to reverse the process because otherwise it would become a social problem," she said.

"The level of damage - in this climate - bleaching does is irreparable," she added.

Not long after her return to Ghana, she opened her first beauty clinic with financial support from her family.

"I couldn't access any funds from the bank. I didn't even think about it because everybody said
'In this country nobody will give you money'".

Business loan offers came pouring in only after her business had been running for three years.

Although access to bank loans in Ghana might be relatively easier these days, she advises that budding entrepreneurs should take care not to borrow too much.
Made in Ghana
Mrs Amey-Obeng explained that, once her clinic was running, she realised that the imported products they were recommending often proved too expensive for their clients.

This was often a result of currency exchange rate fluctuations.

"It was a challenge. They would come back with worse conditions, and so we said: 'OK, why don't we start our own line that we can sell to our people?'".

Her skincare line, which she started in 1998, would soon have a huge success not only because of the products' prices - which currently range from $3 to $15 - but also, in her opinion, because they were made taking into account black skins and the West African climate

In view of her concerns about skin bleaching, the name of her brand, Forever Clair (Clear), may seem controversial to some.

However, she argues that "clair" there refers to "light, hope and strength", not skin colour.

"Light shows the way. It's not about complexion, it's about the heart," the entrepreneur said.

And she seems indeed bent on helping others to gain hope and strength. She is well-known in Ghana for her philanthropic work, especially through the Grace Amey-Obeng International Foundation.

Women leaders, she says, should offer a helping hand to less fortunate women, encourage them and share expertise.

"The joy of putting smiles on the faces of people that this business offers, that's what makes me want to do it forever."

African Dream is broadcast on the BBC Focus on Africa radio programme every Thursday afternoon, and on BBC World News throughout the day on Fridays

Every week, one successful business man or woman will explain how they started off and what others could learn from them.


“We consist of 6 major companies: • FC Cosmetics Industry • FC Skin & Beauty Kliniks • FC Perfumery & Cosmetics • FC Beauty College • Beauty Scope Magazine • Salon Equipment & Beauty Supplies (SEBS) Enterprise

We are committed to providing the highest quality service, education and products to all our clients.

We are also responsible to our clients, the public and our profession to deliver our services in a manner, resisting pressures to compromise our values and standards.

Caring For Tomorrow's Beauty Today and Delivering Quality Education in Beauty Therapy!” FC Group of Companies

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Absolutely fabulous!!! For more info about uber inspirational Grace Amey-Obeng and her FC Group of Companies visit: https://www.facebook.com/FCBeautyKlinik

Sunday, 21 April 2013

Sports: Support Ghana Ocean Racing…….

Ghana Ocean Racing from Lucas Sempere on Vimeo.

 “Team Ghana is the first African sailing team. ”Like" us and follow along as we seek out sponsorship, learn to sail, have a documentary produced along the way (think- a relevant cool runnings), and then become world-class competitive IMOCA/VOR sailors!”  Ghana Ocean Racing

 Simply stated, our mission is to build the 1st Ghanaian international open ocean single & double-handed sailing team that will develop us as African skippers and raise the profile of the sport across Africa as well as deepen market penetration across a more diverse demographic world-wide for the sport, our sponsors, and our country. To Donate securely online through our US-based foundation: http://takebackourroutes.org/donate/

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Wow the possibility of Ghana being represented in ocean racing has me very excited… Ghana Rising Blog is 100% behind team Ghana Ocean Racing, and asks the Ghanaian community at large to support co-skippers/founder s: Agbeli Ameko and Eyram Hevi to achieve their goals and enter the Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15. Team Ghana would be the 1st ever African sailing team to enter the race.. You can help by donating via a securely online account at: http://takebackourroutes.org/donate/

For more info visit: http://ghanaoceanracing.org/

More Info
This is a historic  strategic sponsorship opportunity to partner with Team Ghana from the very beginning. It will elevate your brand and create significant returns through broadening the approach of a sailing sponsorship with a truly differentiated and entertaining story backed by an innovative corporate promotions approach. Our Story and goals in a Nut shell:
  •  Currently no Sub-Saharan African Sailing Teams playing at the International level
  • Become the 1st  Sub-Saharan African (Ghanaian) team to complete a double handed round-the-world course similar to IMOCA races such as Vendee Globe and Barcelona World Race or the Volvo Ocean Race.
  • Acquire boat, complete training, and complete a round-the-world course along a route similar to the major IMOCA competitions with 7 stopovers. This entire journey and stopover events will be filmed, blogged, and chronicled through social media.
  • Extend domestic and global brand with a unique approachable non-elitist image that will attract name recognition across the emerging and developed markets.
  • Promote diversity in the industry and sport, a charitable cause or highlight global corporate sustainability efforts consistent with your corporate mission, and expand your global audience and brand to the most coveted demographic yacht racing represents.
  • Qualify Team Ghana for IMOCA level competition such as Barcelona World Race or Vendee Globe – we’ll get there, but first we must build a foundation. This will be an entertaining journey for our fans.
  • Train and develop 1st generation of crewed Team Ghana campaigns for entry into races such the 2016 Volvo Ocean Race.
  • We are a non-profit organization incorporated in Ghana and partnered exclusively with the Take Back Our Routes foundation in the USA.
Agbeli Ameko
Co-skipper/Founder Ghana Ocean Racing
Mr Ameko is the co-skipper and founder of Ghana Ocean Racing and founding Chair of the Ghana Monohull Open Classes Association which received official approval from Ghana’s National Sports Authority.  His vision is to develop the sport of sailing in Africa and to fulfill the dream of becoming the first African to sail around the world.  Prior to launching Team Ghana, he co-founded the energy news service Enercast and founded a mesoscale weather forecasting firm after his climate research work. Mr. Ameko has  also lead sustainable development and mineral exploration projects across Africa. He attended the Albuquerque Academy and the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied geoscience and business.
Eyram Hevi
Co-skipper/Founder, Ghana Ocean Racing
The co-skipper and founder of Ghana Ocean Racing and founding President of the Ghana Monohull Open Classes Association which received official approval from Ghana’s National Sports Authority.  Mr. Hevi previously worked for a leading NGO in Ghana. He has lead sustainable development and exploration projects across Africa including Ghana, DR Congo, Liberia, and Guinea. He attended Nkrumah University of Science & Technology where he studied health administration.

James Darden
Managing Director, Ghana Ocean Racing

James Darden is the Managing Director of Ghana Ocean Racing and the Executive Director for Team Ghana’s US-based non-profit Take Back Our Routes. A native of North Carolina, Mr. Darden has had a lifelong passion for sailing where he first attended sailing school at age six. Prior to joining Team Ghana, he worked as a therapist and counselor, and work in sales and marketing at Renewable Choice Energy.  Mr. Darden attended the University of Colorado and North Carolina State University.

DrAniegyeDr. Ntewusu Samuel Aniegye
General Secretary, Ghana Ocean Racing

After his degree  in History from the University of Ghana – Legon, he was appointed as a Teaching Assistant at the Department of History where he joined the Institute of African Studies in the same university as a Research Assistant. In the Institute, Ntewusu conducted extensive research on traditional leadership patterns, urbanisation, festivals, traditional economic institutions, Slavery and Colonialism in Ghana. In 2003, Ntewusu enrolled for a graduate programme at the Institute and in early 2005 he received funding from the Norwegian government to conduct work at the University of Trondheim to complete his Master of Philosophy degree in African Studies which was awarded the same year by the University of Ghana. In November 2007, Aniegye applied for a doctorate programme in the University of Leiden, The Netherlands and was granted admission in January 2008. From the period of application and admission until June 2010 Ntewusu was based at the African Studies Centre in Leiden and from time to time travelled to Ghana to conduct doctoral research leading to a Phd thesis entitled ‘Settling in and Holding On’: A Socio-Historical Study of Northern Traders and Transporters in Accra- 1908-2008. Most recently Dr. Aniegye, has worked as Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, and is teaching two courses; Chieftaincy and Development in Africa for undergraduates and The Slave Trade and Africa for graduate students. His research interest includes in Africa; Transportation, urbanisation, colonial legacy, and in Ghana; Culture, traditional leadership, conflicts and development.
Team Ghana Ambassadors 
Sylvanus Nuku Kofi Ameko, chair
George Gakpetor, media coordinator, Ghana
Nana Dabo, team ambassador

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Accra, Ghana

Rezidor announces the Radisson Blu Hotel, Accra, Ghana
The Rezidor Hotel Group, one of the fastest growing hotel companies worldwide, announces their 10th hotel in West Africa: The Radisson Blu Hotel, Accra in Ghana is scheduled to open in 2013 and adds 168 rooms to Rezidor’s pipeline. 

“The emerging African continent is a key development area for Rezidor. We are delighted to add a new hotel in a new country to our portfolio which now comprises 37 hotels and almost 8,300 rooms in operation and under development across 15 African countries”, said Kurt Ritter, President & CEO of Rezidor. 

The Radisson Blu Hotel, Accra, will be located in the heart of the business district of the Ghanaian capital; 5 walking minutes from the beach. Besides 168 guest rooms including 20 apartments ranging from 1 to 3 bedrooms, the property will offer a restaurant and 2 bars, 300m2 of meeting space, a gym, and an outdoor swimming pool.

One of the most economically and politically stable countries in Africa, Ghana has experienced several years of sustained economic growth, despite the global economic situation.

Good fiscal management and high prices for key commodities like gold and cocoa have sustained the economy and the IMF projects accelerated growth in the coming years. Moreover, in December 2010 Ghana began to pump its first commercial oil from the offshore Jubilee Field, which contains an estimated 1.5 billion barrels of oil, and is projected to generate $1 billion in government revenues annually.

“Africa is an exciting market with huge natural resources, increasingly stable systems and improved infrastructure, a high GDP growth and – last but not least – an imbalance of supply and demand when it comes to modern, internationally branded hotel rooms. We see a great potential for profitable growth in Africa and are actively seeking for further development opportunities”, commented Kurt Ritter.

Source: http://www.rezidor.com/

Objects of Desire: Kua’s Spring/Summer 2013 Jewellery Collection…..

"Kua fans, we are almost done with our Spring/Summer 2013 Jewellery Collection... we are so excited and can't wait to share." Kua


For more info visit: http://www.kuadesigns.net/

Beauty: Aesthetics Cosmetics Ghana

"Get ready Ghana….Pamper Me Pretty by Aesthetics Cosmetics is coming soon to Accra. Contact us for more information on the event: http://www.aestheticsbeautyshop.com/contact.html
LIKE the page and stand a chance of winning something." Aesthetics Cosmetics


Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fashion: Prestige Boutique now offering a bespoke delivery service to your front door……

**PRESTIGE DELIVERY SERVICE NOW AVAILABLE** Within Accra only! Cant get time off work?? Hate driving through Accra traffic?? Study commitments?? Or stuck at home with the kids?? Prestige will deliver anything of your choice from our fabulous collection as long as your size in stock!! Contact us now to place your orders for delivery ladies! Tell a friend! 0302960549.” Prestige Boutique

Voted Ghana Rising Blog’s Best clothes shop in Ghana 2013, Prestige Boutique continues to grow from strength to strength and as always, -are at the very top of their game –and are now offering their customers a bespoke delivery service…bringing your: French Connection body-con dresses, Karen Millen party dresses, ASOS blouses and  Zara blazers et al goodies  to your front door, saving you time… more info visit: https://www.facebook.com/prestigeboutiqueosu