Friday, 25 December 2009

Art: George Hughes

“Art has become a ‘forum’ through which I visually analyze the predicaments of humanity such as war, violence and tragedy. Our beliefs, occupations, destiny and how they affect our relationship with fellow human beings, continues to intrigue and inspire me to work.” George Hughes

As you all know, -I love Art and I’m very exited by these Abstract gems by contemporary Ghanaian artist and poet, George Hughes aka Afedzi. Just feast your eyes on Heritage-1, Genealogy and Mask, ‘09, I want them –now! For more information about George Hughes please visit:

George Hughes at work [2007]

I was wondering, –when was the last ‘Retrospective’ of George Hughes work in Ghana or better still, –do we have a museum dedicated to contemporary Ghanaian Artist? ...xx

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  1. What a Waoh!! Afedzi is a gem. Proud to have lived with him under the same roof