Tuesday, 17 May 2011

"For chocolate connoisseurs. Bite into its cracking milk chocolate made with specially selected cocoa beans from Ghana." Magnum

The last time I was excited about Magnum ice-cream, -Benicio del Toro was starring in their ad! And now its happening again, -just feast your eyes on Magnum Ghana ice-cream! Even though I’ve given up sugar, I’ll be checking it out asap…its 10.30pm -right now, so I’m guessing that 12 noon tomorrow -will be a good time to indulge......

I'm kind of surprised though, -I haven’t heard much about Magnum Ghana have you? I haven’t had the pleasure of feasting on said ice-cream -have you? I’ve seen their latest advert which features a young lady in an Ecuadorian jungle looking for beans but nothing about Magnum Ghana! Anyway why not visit the following link and show your appreciation for the new Magnum Ghana: http://www.mymagnum.co.uk/products/

For more info visit: http://www.mymagnum.co.uk/

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