Sunday, 1 May 2011

New Blog Alert: Love Kyei’s ‘Makings of Me’ Blog

Photo courtesy of Love Kyei

“I'm your girl next door, who embraces life and everything that comes with it...representing myself from the inside out, yet learning valuable life lessons along the way…” Love Kyei

As a an unabashed sybarite -a big lover of beauty, fashion, culture etc -I’m uber excited about Ghana Rising favourite, Love Kyei’s new blog called; ‘Makings of Me’. Readers of Ghana Rising will know of the yummy interview I did with the ever beautiful, Brisbane based primary school teacher way back in 2009. You can read the interview here: -I have high hopes for this blog and have already subscribed. You can follow Love’s fabulous blog via:

***I few words of advice for La Kyei and other budding bloggers:

1) Enjoy it

2) Make it what you want it to be and don’t be pressured to make it like anybody else’s blog.

3) Don’t worry about the amount of followers you have -it will go up and down. Don’t let the lack of numbers or the unpredictability of followers faze you or it will become an obsession -rendering you happy one minute and deeply upset, the next..-a waste of energy -me thinks.

4) Folk will send you links or a couple of line about their; businesses/events/talents etc -via their facebook pages, emails, twitter accounts etc -demanding that you do a write-up about them/their businesses/event etc -don’t be afraid to ask them to type up a press release or ask for more info -because writing a blog is not easy and its also uber time consuming.

5) When you have made some head waves -do something that I haven’t been able to do properly (don’t ask) -monetise your blog…this will earn you some money..

6) Do interview the fabulous and the happening people who float your boat -as this will add some much needed frisson/verve/texture -and will draw traffic to your blog.

7) Remember, once you have written a piece, celebrated a persona, interviewed a designer -its done. Don’t look back. Always do something new, it will keep the blog fresh. Blogs -as with life, should always be about the next big thing. Look back -only for a moment, then move on…

8) Guard yourself against the following:

*Folk will plagiaries your work, -word-for-word and not credit you…

Some will visit your page regularly but will never subscribe…

*Some will leave nasty comments -so keep an eye out..

And many will send you emails regarding stuff you’ve written but will never leave comments on your blog..

*Don’t expect family or friends to follow you -most just don’t get it…

If you find yourself blogging around 3 in the morning, -take some time out -blogging is highly addictive…

9) Beware -not everyone you approach will want to help or support you -or even want to be interviewed by you. Don’t let it faze you. Remember, its not a reflection of your work, -whether you are good or not ..but mostly, -their inability to get blogs/bloggers. Plus, some people are just jealous and hate to see people doing anything positive.

10) Last but not least, -keep the blog current. Its sooo lovely to read a blog that’s all about the ‘right-here-right-now‘, about the relevant and the fun.

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah…

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