Saturday, 28 May 2011

Want to do business in Ghana -talk to Robert Quaye & Associates first..

Robert Quaye & Associates is new to Ghana Rising radar but I look forward to catching up with this accountancy firm -as I need their services asap. The following is a bit more information about Robert Quaye & Associates.

Welcome and thank you for visiting the website of Robert Quaye & Associates. The website has been designed to provide some basic information to you our customers, potential customers and visitors. We are a Chartered Certified Accountancy firm established to provide services to small businesses, Charities, Churches, Pastors, Sole Traders and individuals.

Our Vision
To partner with our customers to:
Fulfil their financial and statutory obligations
Develop dynamic system to be able to adapt to market and industry changes
To be creative and innovative with new strategies to help our customers' businesses succeed.
To add value to our customers' businesses and charities.

We have network links with firms in Ghana to assist customers with business activities in that country. It is very important that before you undertake any business in Ghana you do your homework very well. Ghana is a friendly country with business opportunities, but like any other country it has its own rules and regulations and this is where we can help you. It is therefore important that you talk to us before embarking on your business venture. We provide the following services:

Start-Up Phase
Advising on the differences in business practices between Ghana and the UK
Advising on the appropriate corporate structure
Assisting in obtaining the relevant documentation
Preparing required registration forms
Tax Planning and Compliance
Outlining the documentation requirements for related party transactions, including transfer pricing
Coordinating with Ghanaian professionals to obtain the best tax structure
Discussing the tax implications when your staff work in the UK
Preparing UK local tax returns

Assisting in record-keeping for the UK entity, and reporting to the Ghanaian office
Advising on relevant insurance coverage
Facilitating payroll servicing for clients with absentee management
Recommending lawyers, insurance brokers and other professionals
Training personnel on software

Additional Services
Reviewing, or compiling financial statements for the UK operation
Acting as liaison with Ghanaian office
Performing due diligence
Advising on a wide range of business issues

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