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Ghana Rising Hearts lady Jay… (the hottest person in Ghana -right now)

The hair? Check. The make-up? Check. The dress? Check. Accessories? Check. The whole look just blows me away. Who designed this dress?

Lady Jay is the face of designer Linda Amitibey Essandon‘s ‘BDI by Amitibey’ jewellery line…

Photosentences from 1media Group on Vimeo.
Filmed at Sytrus Book Store, Accra, Ghana..

There’s something about Lady Jay -right? Beautiful, stylish, model thin, and always sporting a statement hairdo, Ghana newest style icon/GIG (Ghanaian It Girl) is on fire….

From the shaven sides, via long sexy plaits to the Purdy 60‘s bowl haircut; the ohhhh so sexy LBDs (little black Dresses) to on-trend traditional meets western fashionista verve, via mish-mash accessories, -and that beautiful face and model-esque body, -what’s not to love about the mysterious lady Jay?

I first spotted Lady Jay around 2010 on a Ghanaian music website, touted as the next rap star I think (don’t quote me) -I was blown away by her style and beauty, honestly she had her hair in a sweet bun and looked like a doll, a real life human dolly. And even though I clocked her style I didn’t cloak her name, ...but forward a couple of years and there she is -in a line up of Talk of Ghana pictures at some event, out shining everybody around her…

Lady Nancy Jay, as she is known on Facebook is a singer. Her musical style is very nouveau Afrique soul, very sexy conscious indie pop -and she’s also the face of accessories designer Linda Amitibey Essandon‘s ‘BDI by Amitibey’ jewellery line. I have yet to find Ms Jay’s website so I don’t know toooo much about her but via Alliance francaise Accra, I found the following:

“21 year old Lady Jay Wah is one of Ghana's fastest rising stars. Signed to Pidgen music in Ghana, her music combines Neo soul, Afrobeat, hip-life, Reggae, Highlife and Pop. She has been featured on on several tracks that have been released in Ghana, and Nigeria, including an highly praised guest appearance on the single "x-ray" with accomplished wordsmith "Mutumbo the poet" as well as working with highly acclaimed Nigerian jazz/Afrobeat pianist Funsho Ogundipe, and fronting his internationally lauded group Ayetoro.

Lady Jay Wah's explosive live performances have led to a lot of interest in her career, and she has appeared on the Viasats' "the One Show" show several times, and has already been touted as one to watch for the future. Her much anticipated debut album will be released on the 1st of June 2012. This as yet untitled album was co-written an produced by Sewor Okudzeto of A.R.T. (African Relaxation Techniques) and promises to deliver something new and original to Ghana's musical landscape. And with a lot of interest in her music from across the globe, her honest and truly emotional performances promise to captivate audiences both in Ghana and abroad.”

I see big things for Lady Jay, not just in Ghana but internationally -and would love to work with her in the near future (wouldn‘t she make a gorgeous beauty model?). For more info on Lady Jay visit:

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