Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Music: Why is Sarkodie, Africa’s best rapper still indie?…..

Am I the only one who thought fab uber talented rapper, Sarkodie was signed to Akon's -Konvict record label? Its appears Senegalese music guru Akon is still watching Sarkodie from the sidelines even though he’s most definitely endorses him??? I’m surprised paaaaaaaaa ….. really, how can Africa’s hottest rapper still be unsigned?? Sarkodie’ HOT, ready to go international and already has fans beyond Ghana… Anyway you can listen to Sarkodie telling DJ Tim Westwood all about it in the above clip.


P.s reading some of the comments under the above clip on Youtube, I was struck by one of the comments…. Said viewer felt ….perhaps ….Sarkodie would have more success if he rapped in English -what do you think? Personally I don’t know.. it’s a hard one …which ever way …-it’s a fact -Sarkodie is the best rapper in Africa -right now.

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