Sunday, 11 March 2012

Wanlov goes commando on the ‘Delay’ Show… and gets Ghana’s Chattering classes -Chatting

There are some ‘Ghanaian’ websites I try to never visit ….and is one of them. Its not personal, as I sooo don’t know the people behind it, only that, I’ve got to a place in my life where I only want to celebrate beauty, think nice thoughts and be as good as possible -and I find that gossip erodes this -somewhat!!!

Well I had to visit Ghana Leak as its got Ghana’s Chattering classes chatting -again!! With its mostly adult content -Ghana leak is the only website daring to show the original ‘concert boy’ himself, Wanlov Kobulor lifting up his skirt, sorry wrap to reveal that …he’s goes commando under said garment, on the uber popular Delay Show.

Its weird because I’ve been meaning to do a piece about the must-watch Delay Show… The thing is… I like her ‘take-no-prisoners’ style but I feel that ….on this occasion -the show [she and Wanlov] went toooo far.

**Note to Wanlov, I love you bro but please keep it hidden. x

Note, this is for adults only…

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