Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Art: Photographer Jane Hahn

Computer monitor shells lay at a dump site in Agbogbloshie, Ghana. ©Jane Hahn

Children working amongst E-Waste at Agbogbloshie dump site.©Jane Hahn

I can't connect the Ghana I know and love to the images / photographs by Jane Hahn [above]. But I believe that her work is relevant -[if only to 'provoke' people like me, -to work harder -and help Ghana to stand-up on her own two feet]. Her photograph of a crack cocaine user in Accra is particularly disturbing, -I thought it belonged to another African country. Jane Hahn is an American photographer based in Accra [since 2007], and her clients [and publications] include: Telegraph Saturday Magazine, The New York Times, The Times of London, Marie Claire UK, International Herald Tribune, The Guardian UK, foto8, Associated Press, Save the Children UK, Action Aid International, UNFPA, DFID, -and Oxfam America. For more information or to buy her prints [of Ghana and other African countries] please visit: http://www.janehahn.com

P.s I truly believe that the dump site in Agbogbloshie -is a national disgrace -something that the whole of Ghana should be ashamed of. But I am a believer, -and I believe that God is going to raise Agbogbloshie, a dump site [a hell hole] in Accra, Ghana -from the ground up. He will deliver all the people [especially the children] who work there, and give them work, homes and a future -and turn that place/land into an oasis -that all of Ghanaians will be proud of [and it will happen in my lifetime] -Amen. Bye for now.............x

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