Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Must Watch TV: Venus Vs Mars on Sky Living, every Thursday at 11pm........

Vanessa Vanderpuye as Shakira on Venus Vs Mars

Paulina says: You know when you meet someone and you get good vibes, well I always get good vibes when I meet the ever gorgeous actress and model, Vanessa Vanderpuye!!!

Humble and beautiful inside and out, --I've always had a feeling Vanessa who plays Shakira on Venus Vs Mars was going to make it --in one form or another -and she has -Amen!!

Thus, a very big warm congratulations to this Ghana Rising fave, ---who, alongside the cast of Venus Vs Mars, have arisen from obscurity, mainly --being viewed by loyal fans online to big time stuntin (omgoodness I promised I'd never use that word and I have -mercy) on Sky Living (107) every Thursdays at 11pm (no mean feat for a niche 'black'/urban drama)!!!!
Soooo remember.......don't forget to tune into Sky Living on 107 or Sky Living HD on 230 this Thursday at 11pm to watch our girl Vanessa... Ghana Rising Blog wishes Vanessa Vanderpuye all her hearts desires and more success. We are proud of you. x  
To keep up with Vanessa Vanderpuye, visit her Twitter page via: https://twitter.com/VVBrownskin

For more info about Sky Living's Venus Vs Mars visit: https://twitter.com/followvenus


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