Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Fashion: Ghana Fashion Week!! (1st -4th July)

I'm really looking forward to pictures and news from Ghana Fashion Week [we will keep you posted]. With established and emerging fashion designers from all over the world -expected in Accra over the next four days -Ghana must be buzzing. The French embassy in Ghana has also organised a workshop for six young Ghanaian designers, led by designer Anggy Haif from Cameroon (6-10 July). The garments designed during the workshop will be presented at a special fashion show at the residence of the French ambassador to mark Bastille Day on 14 July, accompanied by music by the Ghanaian singer Bibi Brew -all in support of Ghana Fashion Week, based at Accra International Conference Centre. So in honor and anticipation of the glitz and glamour of Ghana Fashion Week -here are some of my favourite Ghanaian designers ...........Enjoy...xx For more information about Ghana Fashion Week visit: www.ghanafashionweekend.com (Illustration by Michael Roberts)


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