Saturday, 27 June 2009


Unfortunately, I was unable to embed the film clip -the first time around and do not know how long this clip will last [here] -but it would seem that all is not well in the Gold Mining Industry. Note, I love wearing Gold -but surely, it could be mined in a more ethical, safer and sustainable way [so that the people of Ghana can benefit from the grassroots -up]. I wonder what is the government of Ghana doing about these farmers. They seem to have lost everything (their lands, livelihood and to some extent -the security of a healthier future -for their children). Maybe, I am way off, -naive even -but can't these companies do better than this. As the lady said, -we Ghanaians don't like trouble -so why not offer some sort of compensation. A new location (because no one should live near these mines), facilities like schools [and school fees], hospitals and employment -would go some way to helping our brothers and sisters in this depleted region. Or have I got it very wrong???. I will be writing to the press office of, AngloGold Ashanti [soon] and I'm hoping to get their take on -the impact of mining on local communities. .................. Just in case they disable this clip -you can watch, 'The Curse of Gold' -at

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