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Fashion: An interview with Fashion Designer, Eve Abena Barnett of 'Tout D’Eve A Annonce’ Couture Label

"My dreams and hopes for my country Ghana, has always been that Ghana is filled with plenty of God’s blessings; abundant riches, love and especially peace. Also, -that talented Ghanaians get worldwide recognition." Eve Abena Barnett

"All about Eve is about the temptation of women to adorn themselves in Beautiful clothes. Women who like to take care over their appearance..............African clothing has a unique style that embraces bright colours and classic looks where European styling, especially for work is more dark and sombre. By fusing these two styles -I look to create a very feminine vibrant, yet classic look for today’s modern woman."

I first met fashion designer, Eve Abena Barnett of, Tout D’Eve A Annonce’ Couture label (this means All About Eve Bespoke Couture) -about two years ago. Her style (she was dressed in one of her beautiful designs, -a chichi dress made from quality African fabrics) -was impeccable. In fact, the friend I was with thought Eve was a model. Apart from her style [and beauty] -Eva is an incredibly gracious and humble lady -and I was struck by just how unaffected she was. Because after ten years in the fashion industry I was expecting her to be a diva -but was pleasantly surprised. Eve's designs (below) are beautiful, well designed and lovingly made -because, like all professional and passionate designers -Eva loves her work and respects her clients. The following is an inspirational and lovely interview with Eve. Enjoy ...

(Eve Abena Barnett in one of her own designs)

GR: Hello Eve, how are you?
EAB: I am very well thank you, and you?

GR: I am well thanks. ..It's so lovely to finally catch up with you Eve. What are you up to?
EAB: [Hmm where do I start from], well I have been very busy trying to come up with new innovative designs for my label and also working as a PA in ITN.

(Beautiful dresses from Tout D’Eve A Annonce’ Couture collection)

GR: Tell us about your designs and where we can buy them from?
EAB: I would describe my designs -as a fusion of, traditional African designs and European styles. I love the fusion of the exotic and [European] styles of the 1930’s or 1960’s. Most of my clients are people who have seen me wear my own designs or recommendations. I also have a web presence at: or Email But I must warn your readers, -the designs are not cheap. Ha ha ha

GR: I first met you about two years ago at a fashion show (where I first saw your beautiful designs). There were lots of other designers there -but I only remember your designs -how do you motivate yourself to keep designing. The fashion industry/ designing can be very expensive, competitive and cliquey -what motivates you?
EAB: I enjoy assisting and making my fellow sisters stylish and beautiful -through the clothes they wear. Today, everyone says they like to be an individual, and that’s cool. But the reality is that the majority of people buy their clothes from retail Chains, whether they are going to church, weddings’, parties or special occasions. There is no special distinctive difference of how most people dress. They tend to wear jeans -or dress casually in every occasion, -am afraid. Those who are real trendsetters have their own style or designs. I motivate myself by keeping an eye out on the streets –keeping in touch with [especially] my culture and reading up on the fashion scene.

(The beautiful and fabulous, Eve Abena Barnett in one of her own designs)

GR: What inspires you and your designs?
EAB: I am inspired by my culture as a proud Ghanaian and African woman.

GR: What has been your most memorable fashion show so far?
EAB: The most memorable show will be, Eve’s & Freda shoe and fashion show, Ghana Fest and LaGenve Fashion show. I am looking forward to doing more shows once my New Collection is out.

(Traditional and beautiful -from Tout D’Eve A Annonce’ Couture collection)

GR: Name designers you admire?
EAB: I will say Kofi Ansah, Ozwald Boateng, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen and Louis Vuitton.

GR: When I first met you (at a fashion show) you was with your husband and he was very supportive of you. Does he help you?
EAB: My husband has been very supportive and he stills is. He encourages and inspires me a lot. On the business side he is very helpful as he has run his own Business for 10 years -and also worked in Private Equity Advisory [so he is well placed to offer me advice once a in while]. Also, he helps [at times] when it comes to the colours of my designs. He also reads a great deal and has travelled -so he is always looking at my work. That said, I was in fashion before I knew him so I would be able to do it without his input. But, the one thing I truly appreciate is that he has very high expectations of my skills and abilities, and he -always encourages me.

(The beautiful and fabulous, Eve Abena Barnett in one of her own designs)

GR: Your husband is a wonderful man -and I hope other men will take note....Eve, you are beautiful, with flawless skin -what is your secret?
EAB: Thank you Paulina, that’s very nice of you to mention. I have to say that since living in London I have had to take a lot of care of my Skin due to the Pollution in this City. I drink lots of water and use moisturisers such as Nivea and Elizabeth Arden.

GR: Who does your hair, your nails and do you go to the gym?
EAB: I have recently changed hair salons; Sheen salon does my hair at the moment. I like my nails short so I do maintain them myself and -go to the salon once in while for manicure and pedicure -and yes, I go to the gym twice or thrice in a week depending on how I feel. I have not been to the gym for quite some time.

GR: On to more serious stuff, -what are your hopes and dreams for Ghana?
EAB: My dreams and hopes for my country Ghana, has always been that Ghana is filled with plenty of God’s blessings; abundant riches, love and especially peace. Also, -that talented Ghanaians get worldwide recognition.

GR: Thanks Eve – Ghana Rising loves your designs and can't wait to see your next collection. Stay fabulous and God Bless all your dreams.
EAB: It’s been a pleasure. Thanks for having me on your Blog.
For more information about, Tout D’Eve A Annonce’ Couture label -please visit: or Email Eve


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