Sunday, 28 June 2009

The Future of Ghana [music] is in the North

King Ayisoba

King Ayisoba (Frafra) and Sjoerd van der Goot (Dutch) 'Avoyure´

Atongo Zimba : Gidi Gidi

Atongo Zimba - Sana Menga!

The 'Sochira' (Crossroads) by Sheriff Ghale

Okomfour Kwaadee

'In Ghana' by Wanlov the Kubolor

Gyile, Xylo - 'Sisala' from Northern Ghana by OWUO

Instruments .....

Loloadeatina - sung and played by Luki Bouduan and friends from Gandawi group - Sissala musicians from Ghana visiting Scotland

Ghanaian musician Osei Kwame Korankye plays Akan Seprewa and sings at Legon University
Our traditional Past...

AGORSOR music group, neo-traditional. What happened to the instruments of old? And why have they been replaced with faux keyboard sounds? I love the retro / Pan African vibe in this clip..

Just breathtakingly beautiful....and filmed in 1976!! (Watching this video -it would seem that we Ghanaian have gotten this true? I know that I have!!!)

Is it me or is the Fanti language especially exquisite?
Music: Celebrating Nana Yaw Opoku Mensah and Asante (adowa) Culture

Bring back our 'talking' drums

Why is it that when I listen to Ivorian Music, -I can still hear their culture and their African-ness? What has happened to Ghanaian music? I love hip-life as much as the next person -but??? Why can't these talented artists fuse the modern sexiness of Hip-life, -and the classic beauty of traditional music, [with its majestic musical instruments] -together? Others [are beginning to] agree me, - and if, King Ayisoba's - growing success is anything to go by -the future of Ghanaian music is in the north of Ghana {or back to its 'real' instrumental basis -and I'm very pleased)..So 'big up' the dagaare, Sissala, Gurunsi, Hausa etc music..........kai kai kai......Gidi Gidi!!!......The above are some delicious music from Northern Ghana -by artists that I feel should be celebrated more -and some of my other favourite Ghanaian artists like; Wanlov the Kubolor and Okomfour Kwaadee. All the above are unique, talented -fusing the modern and the 'now' with Ghana's yummy, traditional and cultural past....
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