Saturday, 20 February 2010

Beauty: The 'Black's Secret' Makeup Bar is now open...

“The first ever Makeup Bar in Ghana is finally OPEN. Venue: OSU, behind Trust Hospital. Black’s Secret Makeup Bar is offering exceptional makeup services in a luxury ambience.”

Some time ago...I wrote a piece about a new make-up brand called ‘Black's Secret’ [owned by Berlin Investments Limited] that was about to launch in Ghana, –well the 'Black's Secret Makeup Bar’ is now open – serving as both showroom and retail outlet. The Makeup Bar provides a relaxing space to buy ‘Black Secret’s extensive product range [including Pressed Powder, Crème to Powder foundation, Loose Powder, Waterproof Mascara, Lip-gloss, eye shadow and Facial wipes], -professional makeup accessories [brushes and tools] –and offers services like: Bridal needs, private make-up lessons, Parties, Events and Fashions shows. Personally, I’m so impressed with this lovely Bar –and can’t wait to visit [I will be in Ghana later this year]. The contact details are as follows....

Black's Secret Makeup Bar[is located behind located in Osu, near the Mama Mia restaurant, behind the Trust Hospital]..
P O Box CT 5372
Fax: 00233 21 660734

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  1. Its so lovely...didnt like putting on make up till i met blacks secret it has dis way of making ur face look as natural as possibl....want to make a suggestion ...if its possible for blacks secret to have reps on various campuses to sell their produts ..dis will kind of meet us half in Central university and if u need a rep am very available contact 0542298352