Friday, 5 February 2010

Music: R.E.U.B's new album's out....

"I am rededicating myself to making "myself" happy, and what I think will make "myself" happy, is being absolutely honest, creative, and free. So here goes nothing: I am not a crip, blood or any other type of gang member. I am not a pimp or womanizer, I am not ignorant (if you and I got a problem I will try to talk first, then beat your ass!), I don't sell crack, and I don't drive a Benz yet! Now that I got that out of the way, lets get to it: I hate that stupidity is the climate in which I am living. The dumber the better, that's the slogan for the last 10 years. Its everywhere, sports, television, life in general, and of course music. The lyrics in hip-hop are weak, like old lunch meat left on the counter to spoil in hundred degree heat for a month. No one cares, no one loves, and no one dares smile: we all have bad attitudes, sell crack, degrade women, shoot first, snatch chains, and drive Bentley's but never leave the hood! How many CD's can be about the come up! Can someone black write about something else. Can there be some more black movies, that ain't about hood life. What about a black movie that was just a movie but happened to have black people in it... you know just a good movie! At the end of the day: I write to entertain myself not you, because you collectively don't care what I say. At the end of the day: My face is the only face in the crowd that I really want a smile out of, so love it or hate it, I'm going to do what I love the way I love to do it! At the end of the day: it's dark!" R.E.U.B

*Ghanaian born and DC & NYC raised, R.E.U.B. (it stands for: Real Entrepreneur in the Underground Business of hip-hop)’s new album, ‘The Black Rappers Show’ is now out. A talented MC/Producer [R.E.U.B has been releasing albums since 2004] –has collaborated with DJ/Producer Clinton Sparks for this hard-hitting album. I’ve had the pleasure of listening to the album –and it's hot. To download or Listen to ‘The Black Rappers Show’ please check out: or

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