Saturday, 20 February 2010

Music: Shasha Marley

“SHASHA has recorded alongside several top artists and has won several awards to his credit. When the Hall of Fame multi Grammy Awards winner, Isaac Hayes heard his music, he said “Wow, this brother is pure talent, he and I are going to do great things together”, and sure enough, they have.”

I remember the first time I heard ‘So Nyame Mu’ –I couldn’t get the melody out of my head –and fell in love with the song but I didn’t catch the name of the artist [very frustrating] –and had to wait for some time before I heard it again. Well the moment I heard the name Shasha Marley –I just had to google –and I’m so glad I did...what a ‘force-of-nature’! Ghana’s very own Lucky Dube, -Shasha is a national treasure –and I’m kind of disappointed that I hadn’t heard of him sooner. We must celebrate this great talent! Anyway congratulations to Shasha who has been nominated for best African Reggae Artiste at The KORA AWARDS 2010 [It will be taking place on 04-04-10 at PALAIS De SPORTS, Ouagadougou –Burkina Faso: 7pm]. For more information about Shasha Marley please visit:

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