Friday, 5 February 2010

Fashion: www.serwaabags [an online store]

“There are many outlets and online stores which sell bags etc; but Serwaa Bags is different. It is a comparatively young on & off line store offering unique, high quality, most excellent and most up-to-date bags and shoes. Most of our products are real designer ones and the envy of non-customers......Having very good taste ourselves, we found out years go that most of the outlets out there offering the products we deal in are presenting just too much-hyped and over-priced merchandise. We are therefore in the market to provide a customer focused service.....The result is enshrined in our uncomplicated mission statement: We pride ourselves in listening to our customers, advising them, giving them true choice and putting REAL smiles on their faces.......In our short life, we have successfully organised shows which attracted a good number of people who all went away with very high regard for our goods and services. We are planning more of such shows - watch this space!”

*I know that you KNOW, I get very excited when I stumble across new businesses by fellow Ghanaians in the fashion/beauty/lifestyle industry, –and Serwaabags doesn’t disappoint! Young and trendy, – Serwaabags’ online store carries all the yummy accessories needed for a fabulous night out. They have an eclectic collection of ‘on trend’ uber high heels and funky clutches for you ‘to-live-for’. Please visit their website at:

Contact Us
Abena Serwaa Bags
P.O. Box SC7935
Community 7,Tema
Zip Code
Ghana-West Africa
Ghana: + 233243614433
UK: +447817641252

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