Monday, 22 February 2010

Publishing: Afua Acheampong

As you all know by now, –I love glossies [magazines] –especially the high-end fashion/lifestyle ones [and in the UK we are so lucky, –we can buy almost any magazine from any country in selected stores]. My only pet peeves are so called ‘black magazines’ [especially the hair magazines]. I find most of these magazines -inferior [on all levels]; lacking substance, badly written –and poorly laid out – and thus, - tend to avoid them [or flick through when I’m in my local library]. So you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled across the latest ‘Black Hair’ magazine; -with it’s ‘on trend’ cover, –and low and behold at the helm of said magazine is a lovely Ghanaian sister called Afua Acheampong. As acting editor, – Afua I believe; has helped to transform this hair magazine –and made it relevant…you go girl…


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