Thursday, 3 June 2010

Accra ‘It girl’ - Chantell Dapaah

Chantell [second from right] with her fellow models at a fashion shoot

Chantell [on the left with a friend] looking absolutely fabulous –doing her thing..

Chantell Dapaah’s one of an elite group of uber fabulous, incredibly stylish, ‘It girls’ of Accra – and Ghana Rising’s a big fan. We stumbled across Chantell earlier this year via the FACE OF BLACK'S SECRET’s page on Facebook –and just had to vote for her. Beautiful, humble, intelligent and ambitious; -Chantell, –we believe is Ghana’s ‘Next Big Talent/Model’ -and added her to Ghana Rising’s ‘Most Beautiful Women of Ghanaian Origin 2010’ list. The list includes models: Soraya Khalil, Vicky Boateng, Rosemary Frimpong, Meyane Donkor and Adwoa Aboah; TV presenters: Faustina Agolley, Georgina Bediako-Kwakye and June Sarpong; Actresses: Freema Agyeman, Claire-Hope Ashitey and Dayan Kodua; Musicians: Adwoa Hackman, Leila Adu and Anna Reynolds. You can view the list at:]. We predict big things for Chantell and know that you’ll agree with us after reading the following interview. Enjoy...x

GR: Hi Chantell how are you?
CH: I'm good!

GR: Thanks for the interview –what are you up to right now?
CD: Thanks for the question; I'm a second year student of Knutsford University College reading Business Administration.

GR: Chantell you was a contestant in the FACE OF BLACK'S SECRET -how did you get involved, find the event and what are you going to do with this wonderful experience?
CD: Hmm, well I saw the Advert on TV and got interested because I love modelling and knew I was [right] for that. It was a nice experience but the part I miss most -is when we had our free time as girls -to do all the konkosa and play around [imitating just how bad some of us walked -with all the attention of our coordinator]. Well I'm so grateful for that [experience] because I get noticed wherever I go and it’s a plus which I intend to use to reach higher heights in life with.

GR: So are you interested in pursuing modelling further -or are you already signed to a model agency?
CD: I'm not just interested but pursuing modelling further is one of my aims in life, -as it’s my dream to become one of Ghana's [most] successful and richest model/Human Resource managers...

GR: Who's your favourite Ghanaian model and why?
CH: Kate Aba Tachie-Menson. I like the way she takes control of the runway. I enjoy watching her shows because it encourages me to work hard on my quest. All-in-all, words can't describe her.

GR: Chantell, you’re based in Accra –and we [in the Diasporas] would love to know what life in Accra is like for a fabulous, fashionable girl like you. Please can you tell us a bit about your day-to-day routine?
CD: I wake up at 6:45am [when I'm in school] so that I can get ready for my 8:00am class. My class ends at 2:00pm. I get back to my hostel and relax for two hours [only when I don't have any appointments], then I get back to my books. I swim once a week [every Sunday after church]. I meet my friends over the weekend and pay attention to [my] modelling when I don't have class and during the weekends.....

GR: You’re pretty busy –how do you chill out?
CD: I chill out during the weekends when am less busy.

GR: Where do you see yourself in five years time?
CD: As a successful corporate woman and -top model.

GR: Our readers [especially those living outside of Ghana] love to hear about all the ‘hot happenings’ in Accra –so I would like to ask you about some of your favourite things. ...Here goes:
GR: Please can you name your favourite restaurant in Accra?
CD: Imperial Pecking

GR: Your favourite boutique?
CD: Fashion Zone

GR: Your favourite spa?
CD: Allure

GR: Your favourite nightclub?

GR: Your favourite Ghanaian designers are?
CD: Kofi Ansah and Afri-Ken Novelty...

GR: The best dressed woman in Ghana is?
CD: Doreen Andoh
TV presenter and radio personality Doreen Andoh is Chantell Dapaah’s style icon

GR: The best dressed man in Ghana is?
CD: Chris Attoh

GR: Who's ‘Hot’ right now?
CD: That’s me.....Chantell Dapaah

GR: We totally agree with you, –you’re hot and we love your style. How would you describe your look?
CD: Smart, Sleek, Elegant and Simple..

GR: You’re a natural beauty –can you share your beauty secrets with us?
CD: It's simple. I go to the spa for treatments, -I get my nails done [but not always with artificial nails] and I love Olay. I use Olay body lotion and shower gel and I also use some Victoria secret products!

GR: Finally, -what are your hopes and dreams for Ghana?
CD: A journey of thousand miles begins with ‘a step’ and that's why I will set the example by keeping up the good citizen that I am. I'll like to see the name of Ghana -recognised all over the world -and in a much more positive way than what it is now.

GR: Thanks for this yummy interview, stay beautiful and God bless all your dreams....x
CD: Thanks a lot for this wonderful platform.........

GR: You are welcome....

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