Sunday, 20 June 2010

Adinkra Carpet by Malene B

“Adinkra / Hand stamped Adinkra cloth from Ghana is the inspiration for this classic graphic design. The symbols mean greatness and humility.”

**I was lost for words when I stumbled across Malene B’s luxuriously on-trend carpets [as I’m also working on something similar]. I love her Adinkra Carpet [I can’t quiet believe she has hers out already –heheehe] and wanted to share it with you. Malene B’s an incredibly talented woman and can be commissioned to create the carpet-of-your-dreams at:


  1. I love the colors and texture of that carpet.The patterns are gorgeous, I have never seen anything quite like it. Beautiful!

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  2. I love this green carpet and the swirls made it more interesting! The fabric is too precious to be just landed by feet but could be aided by a quality carpet cleaning. Grand Rapids, MI, where my friend grew up, also has a passion for carpet. Grand Rapids, MI's folks believe that carpets bring out a different aura when put in a room. The detail is very significant that makes the room more alive, especially when colored.