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Media: Terry Baddoo

**I’ve enjoyed listening to Terry Baddoo since his 'Newsround' days and just wanted to celebrate him. Over the years this proficient: journalist, presenter and News reader -has inspired me to want to be the best I can be and I’m so proud that he’s of Ghanaian heritage …The following is more information about Mr Baddoo:

Terry Baddoo is a television sports presenter. He is half English and half Ghanaian, and comes from a theatrical family. His maternal grandmother appeared in the first ever television broadcast from London's Alexandra Palace. His father was an actor. His sister is a well known choreographer and arts director. And his brother-in-law is the Grammy-nominated producer, John Saxon.

Baddoo was born in London, England, and earned a Bachelors degree in Education from London University. After a brief period teaching in London and Los Angeles, he began his journalistic career as a features writer with Custom Car magazine in England, and later worked for IPC magazines and on the historic launch of Britain's first color newspaper, Today.

In the mid-1980's he worked in BBC Schools television, then hosted the news and current affairs show, Black Londoners, on Radio London. Later, he joined BBC TV as a reporter and occasional presenter of the BBC children's news programme, Newsround,for which he reported from numerous global events, such as the fall of the Berlin Wall; the end of apartheid in South Africa; and the Barcelona Olympics. He subsequently worked for BBC News as a sports reporter and presenter on BBC Breakfast News and BBC World. He also freelanced for the satellite TV channel, Sky, as a football reporter and rugby features producer.

Since 1995, he has been the main U.S based sports anchor for CNN International's World Sport, writing and presenting a twice daily live show of news and features on the day's top sports stories from CNN Center in Atlanta, and reporting from the field at many major sporting events. He also provides sports bulletins and commentary for all the CNN International News shows,and is a regular columnist on the CNN World Sport website.

Prior to worklng in the media, Baddoo, a teenage triallist with Crystal Palace and Chelsea, played semi-professional football, and is a qualified referee. He supports Arsenal, but has confessed on-air that he doesn't "hate Spurs either", as they were both his local teams growing up. [Credit:]

Terry Baddoo is a sports anchor for CNN International (CNNI), based in the network's world headquarters in Atlanta. He is one of the presenters of the network's global sport highlight and news show World Sport.

Baddoo joined CNNI in October 1995. Bringing a wealth of international sports experience, he previously served as a sports anchor and reporter for BBC World, BBC Breakfast News, BBC Sport, BBC TV News, Sky Sports, BBC Newsround, BBC On The Line and BBC Schools. Before working in television, Baddoo worked extensively in print journalism. He was a reporter at several publications, including Today Newspaper, IPC Magazines, Link House Publications, Sunday Express Magazine, Carlton Magazine and Tennis Magazine.

Throughout his career, Baddoo has covered essentially every major international sporting event of recent times from World Cup football matches to the past three summer Olympics to Grand Slam tennis tournaments to World Championship boxing matches. He has interviewed numerous sports stars including football's David Beckham and Pele; gold medal Olympians Michael Johnson, Marion Jones and Carl Lewis; cricket players Steve Waugh and Wasim Akram; tennis superstars Andre Agassi, Steffi Graf and Venus and Serena Williams as well as Michael Schumacher from Formula One racing and Lennox Lewis from the world of boxing. Baddoo received a degree from the University of London. Credit:]

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