Friday, 11 June 2010

RenéeQ –Ghana’s go to beauty guru……………

"British trained RenéeQ is a professional who uses the art of make up to create natural but stunning looks. Her forte is accentuating one’s inner beauty with an outer glow. She works her magic at RenéeQ in our purpose-built Beauty Room or on location when it is required. Her make up abilities extend into the world of eyebrow grooming and eyelash extensions. Your beauty will be unrivalled!"

**There are times in every woman’s life, when you need to turn it on –and I’m not just talking about your wedding day –but those events that can also be life changing; like an important luncheon, a charity event or that meal [when you know he’s going to propose]! In Ghana, the go to person is RenéeQ, and she will do your makeup, eyebrows, eyelashes etc –and turn you into the queen that you are!

Please note; RenéeQ's also a fashion and accessories designer -and you can see her fabulous eclectic collection via her website at:

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