Monday, 28 June 2010

Socially Responsible Stylish Clothing -Osei Duro’s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection is a must...

I find a lot of Afro-inspired designs lacklustre and heavy; –with many not bothering to pay attention to the seasons, trends or the zeitgeist of the ‘here-and-now’. Osei Duro [I’m crazy about this label] is different! Light, fresh and seriously on trend, -it’s a must buy collection for the fashion savvy gal-about-town! Founded by Maryanne Mathias and Molly Keogh –to create socially responsible and sustainable clothing that encourages international/intercultural cooperation, -Osei Duro integrate Ghanaian textiles [mainly natural (non-petroleum-based) materials such as hand-spun cotton and fabrics that have been grown, spun, woven and printed by the local print houses, Akosombo Textiles Limited and Ghana Textile Products in Ghana] -with contemporary Western clothing design. Mathias and Keogh work directly with the Dzidefo Women’s Cooperative [in the Volta Region of Ghana] - who produce the clothing. This allows Mathias and Keogh to pay their employees an equitable wage and observe high quality standards. An equitable wage means the garment workers of the Dzidefo Women’s Cooperative are able to send their children to school, see a doctor when they need, and have something left over to spend as they choose -once ends have been met. Note, Osei Duro’s now firmly on Ghana Rising’s radar! To order or to find out more information about Osei-Duro visit:


  1. Amazing to become part of the Ghana blog scene! Thanks so much! xo Maryanne

  2. I'm very impressed with Osei Duro's collection cause i've always believed ghanaian wax prints can be more versatile in terms of choice of colour and styling. For instance,when I'm sewing a new kaba I make style and colour choices that allow me to wear the kaba over a pair of trousers or skirt. In that way l get to wear the wax printed kaba in more ways than one. It helps to keep my wardrobe well coordinated. Thanks.

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