Saturday, 12 February 2011

Buy Ghanaian, buy Kasapreko Dry Gin

“Kasapreko Dry Gin is popular for its distinctive fine taste. Its crystal-clear appearance has an attraction of it's own. When and where tradition demands the use of a gin, Kasapreko Dry Gin is the first choice. It can also be mixed with Kasapreko Lime Cordial, soda mixers or ice cubes.” Kasapreko

***I was researching and searching for wine makers in Ghana for a project I’m working on, when I stumbled across the Kasapreko brand, and was wowed by how professional this brewery looks. I discovered that they do indeed make their own wine (Kasa Vino) -and it looks good but what has truly inspired me is Kasapreko’s Dry Gin. And its got me thinking, are they stocked in the UK, if not, then why not? For more information or to become a distributor visit:

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