Friday, 11 February 2011

Wow look at the new Vodafone Headquarters located at Airport City, Accra, Ghana…..

**I read the following information about Vodafone’s new head office via -and thought of you. Its good to see this kind of dedication by a global telecommunications giant to provide jobs and boost the Ghanaian economy…

Title: Vodafone relocates to ultra modern headquarters Dated: Thursday 10 February 2011

Accra: In a significant move that indicates its determination to provide world class services to its customers, Vodafone Ghana has relocated its Headquarters to an ultra modern office at Airport City, Accra.

The nine storey building, which is to be commissioned on February 25, 2011, can be described as a work of art displaying work from some of Ghana’s most talented artists.

The workspace is laced with adinkra symbols and artwork that reflect Vodafone’s local flavour. The open floor plan promotes optimum productivity for the Vodafone employees and also reflects the company’s culture of open and instant communication.

Each floor of the building is designed to reflect a region in Ghana with artwork representing movement, and vitality with a touch of Ghanaian history.

The building has a total gross floor area of about 5620sqm, planned particularly to meet its work place standard and health and safety concerns. The ground floor features an 80 people-capacity restaurant and five meeting rooms, and the terrace has been designed to efficiently utilize the outdoor space.

According to the CEO, Kyle Whitehill, ‘the move to the new premises is to assert ourselves as the world’s leading mobile telecommunications company; we are committed to providing world class products and services to the people of Ghana and one of the most important steps to doing this is to provide a high class environment for our employees.

The telecommunications giant, can be said to have truly put the welfare of Ghanaians at its forefront. This significant move marks the beginning of an exciting year that Vodafone has purposely planned out for the benefit of its valued customers and Ghanaians at large. The new Vodafone Headquarters is located at Airport City, Accra.


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