Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I am shocked and devastated over the death of Claudia Adusei

I got home at 3.45pm after picking up my little man from school, made sure he was fed and watered -bless him, then had my ubiquitous ginger & lemon tea, finally sat down to watch Sky news -when I heard about a young British lady who had gone to the States to have the newly popular buttocks enlarging operation and couldn’t believe that she died -hours later. I don’t know, -but I just couldn’t shake it off, - it’s just too sad! I guess I’m especially affected because plastic surgery is very real in my life. I have tons of friends who have had (very) successful plastic surgery and a very close friend who’s about to be operated on -plus I have a few bits that I also want done but to think that someone’s beautiful daughter will not be returning home -because she paid to have a nonessential cosmetic procedure done, far away from home is devastating.

When I first heard the news they were not giving out the young ladies name/details etc -but at around 5pm she was confirmed as Claudia Adusei -and as you can image it brought this sad accident even closer to home, -as I recognised the departed’s Ghanaian surname. Ghana Rising would like to take this opportunity to send our condolences to the Adusei family. God Bless and keep you all..

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