Friday, 11 February 2011

Fashion: Emily Okoampah

I stumbled across the following piece about Emily Okoampah, a Ghanaian designer, new to Ghana Rising’s radar via -and just had to share. I hope to see a lot more of this exciting designer…

**Emily Okoampah is Ghanaian and a student, currently based in London and studying dressmaking and fashion designing. She has always loved sewing since she was a child back in primary school in Ghana, where she had her basic and senior secondary school education in clothing and textiles and then at the polytechnic where she achieved a diploma in fashion designing and dressmaking.

Emily Okoampah is inspired by the things she sees around her like the trees, the blue sky, the birds and the people she comes into contact with in her everyday life. She adds up bits of everything she picks from these to create her designs.

As we endure the mood of others for both good and bad, we also endure the mood derived from colours. In her collection she prefers to use colours which are appealing, flattering and feminine at the same time. They are for women of all figure types who want to look good, feminine and flaunt their God given figure to be proud of their womanhood.


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