Thursday, 10 February 2011

Jon Germain’s Reckless Dolls are officially Ghana’s first girl band -and they’re hot!

Reckless Dolls -Ghana's first girl band is made up of: Fidelia Ankomah (Ewurama), Dharyann Bryan-Ghartey (Dharyann) and Tosan Scott (T.Scott) -and as their manger and creator, Jon Germain said of this trio, “they are exceptionally good”-and Ghana Rising agrees and looks forward to much more from these hot gals!

Personally, I really like these girls. They are sooo much hotter than I anticipated -and are fabulous enough for the international market/stage, -but to achieve this goal, they seriously need a tight media/styling/ PR team/machine to handle them. Please note the following important points.....thanks:

Make consistent HOT Music…
The girls need to up and keep up their game, -collaborate with other hot (choice) artists from around the globe, work with only the best in the industry or those up-and-coming artistes that are doing amazing things outside of the box…and release the hottest ever album to come out of African -ever…

Fashion/style is everything and without it -they will not succeed. Cheap stretchy Primark wannabe dresses and tacky wannabe leather plastic shoes -won’t work. Jon Germain needs to provide the Reckless Dolls with a serious styling team consisting of hot stylists/MUAs/hairstylists -and an established designer (maybe Christine Brown) to kit them out for all those special occasions. These girls must never be spotted out-and-about looking less then perfect… Jon will know when he’s got it right because -the girls will look flawless, -with no cheap plaited hair, over plucked eyebrows, patchy skin, cheap looking clothes or shoes in sight.

The girls/Jon need to control their image -and can not afford to have less than perfect images of themselves out there. For example, the above film clip has some images that should never have seen the light-of-day! The girls need to know that to be fabulous -the ordinary will never do. Jon Germain needs to set up numerous photo shoots with the girls -produce really hot, on-trend images and use them to promote the girls. These images and nothing less should accompany all press releases/ media info etc.

Serious Promotion/PR/Exposure..
Ghana doesn’t have a real PR/Media industry/machine in place, but Jon’s management team can make a start and set the standard by compiling a conservative list of all the relevant media agencies (for example, magazines, newspapers, websites, blogs, radio & TV etc) -and send all these agencies -the relevant information/Press Releases etc. They need to travel to all the hot spots in Africa like: South Africa, Nigeria, Rwanda and Botswana are hot -right now. They also need to target the seriously glossy magazines in Africa like Marie-Claire South African, Elle South African, GQ south Africa, Cosmopolitan South Africa and whatever hot magazine exist in Ghana, Nigeria, Botswana and Rwanda etc.

Create a Buzz then go global…
By the time Jon and the Reckless Dolls have achieved all the above, they will then have the gravitas to go global -and target the ethnic press in the west before they hopefully take on the mainstream press etc.…God bless girls, you can do it -and do it beautifully, -and put GH on the map.
*** At the time of uploading this piece I couldn’t find a website for the Reckless Girls or Jon Germain's but I have a funny feeling that if you want to book the Reckless Girls etc -you can most probably reach them via the Lynx Record Label (Facebook only) -as they were representing Jon Germain the last time I checked.

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