Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Ghana Rising Hearts Alexandra Stephanie Buggs & Stooshe


**Alexandra Stephanie Buggs’ the beautiful songstress with the long dark hair…


Flicking through the usual blah Sunday afternoon TV, I stumbled across a cookery program, I didn’t catch the name, and heard that one of the girls in hot UK girl band Stooshe -is a royal princess via her Ashanti mother. And what a pleasant surprise!!!!

I don’t know much about this hot girl band but I do know that via Wiki -said group, “consists of members Alexandra Buggs, Karis Anderson and Courtney Rumbold.” And that the Ashanti princess in question is Alexandra Stephanie Buggs and her favourite meal is, “my mum's African cooking: Jollof rice, goat stew, yam, plantain and my Dad's apple crumble and ice cream.”

I’m also loving their music.. Their latest single, 'Black Heart' is fab -and I love their style -and see big things for Alexandra and team -Stooshe. To buy Black Heart visit:

For more info about Stooshe visit: http://www.stooshe.com/


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