Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Is Accra City Airport, Kotoka International set to get a new $60 million office complex?

Property development company, Laurus Development Partners, has acquired 20,000sqm of land surrounding Kotoka International Airport in Accra, on which it plans to build a $60 million office complex.

Construction of the project - One Airport Square - is due to start in September and will take two years to build.

It will be completely financed by the private equity firm Actis, which founded Laurus, and will have both office and retail space, as well as cafes, shops and bars, and a new car park with 250 spaces.

Furthermore, the complex will bring services and jobs to the local community, and will help boost the supply chain both locally and nationally.

Carlo Matta, CEO of Laurus Development Partners, said: "There is a persistent need for sustainable, high quality real estate in Ghana and Nigera but too often buildings remain unfinished because of a lack of capital and development expertise.

"Laurus has been created to challenge the status quo and develop environmentally sustainable, large-scale residential and commercial properties."

The complex at the airport will be designed to last and suit conditions for "decades" to come Matta added.




  1. Erm... I thought we needed less and not more buildings around the airport. *sigh*