Friday, 15 June 2012

Ghana Rising Hearts Firefly Lounge Bar, Accra Ghana…

At first glance this New York City loft style bar might appear to be the reserve of Accra’s bourgeoning expat community, -its not.. Firefly Lounge Bar is an elegant, open chic space for the capitals sophisti-cats… For more info about Accra’s latest ’It’ bar visit:

More Info:
“From the beating heart of downtown Accra, the Firefly Lounge Bar invites and welcomes all those in search of a unique dining and nightlife experience. Whether it is a quiet date, an intimate gathering, or the next place to party it up, Firefly is here and committed to your satisfaction for a great time well spent.

Our kitchen and bar staff are delighted to assist you in selecting appealing and rich combinations to suit your tastes and preferences. Take a look at our menu and find out more about our offers on a unique range of exquisite dishes and specialty cocktails..

Contact us for more information on reservations and bookings.“

Firefly Lounge Bar

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