Monday, 11 June 2012

Mother Africa’s Ga Kenkey and Ghana’s Choice Shito -now stocked in Tesco’s ‘World Food’ section…..

 Mother Africa’s Ga Kenkey

Shito by Ghana’s Choice…..


I visited Edmonton Ikea a couple of months ago -looking for storage solutions for my Jojo and me. Our newly bourgeoning possessions -are driving me crazy. As some of you know -when we had to leave La Bar, we left with nothing, thus we have started to accumulate again, well I have, -and my growing magazine collection is out of control, and Ikea has some fabulous clear boxes that come in very handy for such things…

I’m glad I went because I’m doing a piece about elegant weddings in Ghana -and Ikea’s full-to-bursting with lots of knickknacks and ideas for such occasions. Also, I spotted two of our own, (I can spot a Ghanaian a day away) -with three big trolleys full of toilet brush/holders -and thought, - its very possible they’re opening a hotel back home (something all Ghanaians want to do -right now) or are going to sell them as its now become du rigor to travel back home with stuff that one intends to sell, something that all classes -seem to be doing -right now!!!!

I first got into 99p stores three years ago -and started to notice our people filling their baskets with deodorants, toiletries, cheap perfumes et al and I became very curious.. I dared to ask one of these sisters and she not only confirmed she was Ghanaian but that she was buying these items to sell them back home -since then, I’ve noticed many others doing it, thus, I’m thinking the Ghanaian couple must have been doing the same..

Anyway, I spoke to my Jojo’s daddy; he’s been shipping stuff home for years, a couple of years ago it was 40 huge photocopiers ( he was sooo disappointed with what the folks back home -finally paid for them), cars, computers, mobile phones and trucks. But please don’t talk to him about trucks as it’s a very sore spot. He’s involved in an ongoing court [battle] case that’s been dragged out over more years than I wish to discuss -giving him/his people and me -an insight into Ghana’s very special judicial services
(bul*@s*”*t) .. sorry, I digress but I mentioned the toilet brush/holders thingy to him -and he’s convinced that they will probably be sold to the hospitals back home ??? Really?

I’ve seen some of our sisters buying beauty products and the like -but apparently, when you see them buying antibacterial hand washes -they are usually planning on selling them to the hospitals back home -can you believe it??

Anyway I ended up buying said storage bits, had a lovely lunch -bought some of Ikea’s cheap-as-chips Tindra candles, a frozen Princess cake (I know, I’m sooo naughty) and pillow protectors.. Then it was all about Tesco’s, which happens to be a superstore.

Like Asda, Tesco now has a ‘World Food’ section -something I only discovered after moving out of La Bar because I’m really a Sainsbury/Waitrose’s gal… and its fabulous because I discovered not only one of my all time weaknesses -plantain chips (I’m totally addicted -and its shows), but they also stock chin chin oOOoo -yummy, Ga Kenkey by Mother Africa (can you believe it) and the yummiest Shito by Ghana’s Choice…..

Ghanaian food producers Mother Africa and Ghana’s Choice are new to Ghana Rising’s radar -so I know very little about them,-only that Mother Africa is produced by Odeisis Food ltd and Ghana’s Choice is imported by a company called Brucefare ltd -but neither have websites which is a shame, still, its nice to see them in Tesco as its no small feat..

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