Monday, 25 June 2012

Want a puppy in Ghana? Check out the K9 Family….

Llasa Apsu pups for sale -$850 each


I don’t do dogs!!! I don't do dogs -full stop. I have family members that can’t live without 'man’s-best-friend' but I’m not one of them, -in fact I’m terrified of anything bigger than a Chihuahua!!!

Anyway if you’re relocating to Accra/Ghana and want a dog -check out K9 Family, -the dog breeders du jour of Accra. They are also the people behind the Accra dog show -and just held an event which I hear was very successful (my goodness Ghanaians have changed). Please note, they also have a dog trainers on their books..

For more info, you can call the K9 Family crew on 00 233 26 773 3128 or visit their Facebook page at: -for a list of all their available dogs..

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