Sunday, 26 August 2012

33 ♥ Things Ghanaian Parents Say... when very upset …

Some of the sayings below….

“You can talk but you can't even wash your panties”

“sleepover? what is sleepover?”

“Every Blessed day, I have to talk and talk and talk.”

“You’ve got a Slumberland bed here, you want to go and sleep on someone’s floor, -sleep in a sleeping bag on the floor, -and you’ve got a bed here -nonsense”

“Are you mad”

“You This Girl”

“Shame on you”

“I used to walk ten good miles to and from school, holding my shoes so they wouldn't spoil.”

“Lazy Cocoon”

Don’t mind her, don’t mind her, marriage too is like that”

“ When you meet your husband….you cannot be doing all this one.. When you meet your husband, when you meet your husband you can’t be doing all this one”

“So because Ama is doing it, you too want to do it. You better pack your bags and go.”

“Disco, what is disco. You better stay home and learn.”

“You mark it on the wall. Mark it ….Mark it”

“When I come there…., you’ll see what I’ll do to you”

"Hoooo lady, you are going out like that? If you are going out like that, you might as well remove it all -and be free!”

“When I come, they’ll know someone is coming”


Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Just the other day, I was sharing about -how, with four children, -working full-time, paying a few mortgages -and with an ever growing family to support back home (plus the fear of something bad happening to her children etc etc) -that my siblings and I were mostly referred to as, ‘you this girl’ or ‘you this boy‘… I think my mother was toooo tired to remember our names -Bless her!!!!

Anyway, I’ll take this opportunity to thank my parents for all their hard work -in bringing up four children in a foreign country -without much help…. And a very well-done to them. Ohhh..... -I soooo recognise all of the above sayings -as they are truly the words of my childhood… 

Do watch this clip via Facebook and show some love to this fabulous sister…. A future comedian -me thinks…


I can sooooo relate to this as I’ve spent my whole life as, ‘You This Girl’

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