Monday, 13 August 2012

Ghana Hearts Y'akoto

Jennifer Akoto Kieck Yaa aka Y'akoto is a beautiful Ghanaian-German singer. Uber new to Ghana Rising -Y'akoto’s sunshine on a hazy summer's day jazzy music is sooo lush...  We’re also loving her style…  Now big fans of Y'akoto’s music and style, Ghana Rising will endeavor to keep its beady eyes on our new style crush and keep you posted but in the meantime -do keep up with all Y'akoto’s musical happenings via her official website at: and

More Info
Y'akoto was born in Hamburg but grew up in
Ghana on. Part of her youth was spent in Cameroon , Togo and Chad . She currently lives in Hamburg, Lomé and Paris . Their debut album, Baby Blues was published in 2012 in Germany. [1]
Since she was 13 Age she is active in various musical genres, from rock through reggae to the electronic music . At 18 she began training as a dance teacher . She also played in a band and has performed with Max Mutzke on. 2011 she was part of the program in Hamburg, sounds from the North German Radio discovered and entered the opening act for Erykah Badu on. After an EP 2011 2012 they released their debut album , The Soul Album Baby Blues, on Warner Music International . For the production were Max Herre , Samon Kawamura and Roberto di Gioia involved. [2] Their first single, sang the fate of child soldiers Tamba. Danch was the second single Diamonds. The current single Without You it worked out in cooperation with the Norwegian singer-songwriter Tom Hugo. Credit: wikipedia

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