Thursday, 16 August 2012

Ghana Rising Hearts Nana Agyapong: -The Nomadic Filmmaker……

“On a random day, I meet with my Friend Parris Harris on the boardwalk with a camera, our attempt was to highlight my "eccentric" Style, Viola.” Nana


“a montage from my inspirational trip back to Ghana.” Nana

***An evocative and beautiful and indeed, -inspirational film, well done Nana Agyapong. I’m thinking, if after watching that tenacious girl on the bicycle, -the Ghanaian government are not moved to do something about the roads (and infrastructure) in Ghana -nothing will….

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: OMGoodness, how often do you stumble across such a fabulously stylish, beautiful and rock’n’roll persona like Nana Agyapong of Venice Beach, California???

More sooo, I’m blown away by her filming and editing skills -and think that whatever is left of Ghana’s Tourism Board or Authority or whatever, -needs to book this fabulous filmmaker and get to work, creating beautiful promotional films of Ghana..

Still… Ms Agyapong is more than her films, she is credited as also an artist-musician …and I can also see a place in the fashion industry for her.. I think that the good people behind Ghana Fashion and Design Week need to book this girls to film some of their coverage. Nana has style and an eye-for-details… plus everything about her is cool -and I hope to work with her someday…

Unfortunately, I can’t find a blog or website -so Nana do let Ghana Rising know if you have one or the other… Ta x

To view the rest of Nana’s films visit her YouTube account at:

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