Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Photography: Ghana by David Harrison

I love that David Harris has managed to capture the spirit of the village above in this mutual ‘intrigue’ between himself and his subjects. You can just image how exotic David Harris must have appeared to the children, -and how his being there must have caused such a buzz, -all beautifully captured in their faces.

I also love that his subjects connected with him and his camera and didn’t hide -making the above images; real, powerful, beautiful and relevant.

I’m truly intrigued by the look in the older girl’s eye.. She is very powerful, somewhat provocative -and very demanding of the photographer’s gaze….

I don’t know what David Harris set out to achieve… I don’t know if he set out to achieve a particular feel, vibe or verve, -but I get a real sense of tenderness/kindness and respect for his subjects, thus there’s no pity and it shows…..

I hope to see more images of Ghana and other African nations by David Harris…

To view the rest of this collection by David Harris visit:

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  1. Lovely photographs! Make me miss the rich Ghanaian countryside! Ciao cat