Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Hot Blog Alert: Lorraine Boating’s Melon Cross Food Blog

"If you’re wondering what the first two pictures are, they are litchi. Incredibly pretty and weird looking at the same time. The exterior is removed to reveal a white fleshy and juicy fruit. Oranges! Rich in vitamin C.

Our tree at home has been bearing a lot of fruit lately and once we collected a bucketfull of the fruit, my brother and I proceeded to squeeze them I’ve always hated the packaged orange juice so this is more than welcome. We’ll be drinking it for days because those oranges produced a little over four jugs of the stuff." Lorraine Boating

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah Says: Once a month I check out five Ghana based brands that I’m hoping have upped their game so that I can feature them on Ghana Rising… I won’t name them but lets just say that with a little bit of tweaking they can be great.

One of them is a shoe brand and visiting their errm website -sorry their Facebook page I stumbled across a link for Lorraine Boating’s blog called Melon Cross and I’m loving it..

A kaleidoscopic yummy feast of Lorraine Boating’s fabulous foodie happenings in Accra and London, -be warned, this blog is amazing and will have you’ll be hooked!!/LorraineAMB

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