Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Actress Nadia Buari’s ‘Alcoholic’ confession sends Twitter and Blogland into a tizzy…..

Beautiful Ghanaian actress Nadia Buari with her sweet mother….

That ‘Alcoholic’ confession on Twitter…..

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: If you do, you’re dammed, -if you don’t, you’re dammed... The life of those in the public eye isn’t easy ooOOOoo!!! 

Much loved Ghanaian actress, Nadia Buari has bravely spoken out about her alcoholic past and sent twitter and Blog land in a spin!!!
Nadia also expressed how her mother’s love and compassion and God’s grace –pulled her through -Amen!!! Thus, with this upsetting period thankfully relegated to her past, Ms Buari’s fans, especially those on twitter sent their love and support, –with many expressing their admiration for her [overcoming] strength…
Personally, I feel that Ms Buari should be applauded for her strength of character –and honestly!! In a country like Ghana, where ‘airing-your-dirty-linen-in-public is a no, no and confessing to your shortcomings is seen as a weakness (can you imagine), –it takes a very brave person to stand up and be counted!!
I hope that Nadia’s confession acts as a cautionary tale to all those university girls (and boys), photographed daily on various blogs –falling about their university compounds –drunk; and not forgetting  –and all those bored special-wives-of-powerful men who drink alone (when nobody’s looking)!!!!

For myself, this revelation makes me love Nadia more. She has become more human –and more loveable and brave –and honest. I hope more Ghanaian celebrities will come forward and share –and allow their honesty to bring about healing and hope to all those suffering in silence in Ghana and beyond. And to the rest, "let he who is without sin, cast the first stone." Bravo Nadia xxx

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