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Music: Ghana’s [few]….. Hot Talents for 2013…..

Elorm Adablah aka E.L

EL - Turn the Lights Down (Official Video)



Jupitar - Moneybox (raw)


Itz Tiffany - Akyee Wo (Caught Up)

Lady Jay

Lady Jay x Beyonce cover "I Miss You"


Lousika - Get Money(Official Video)

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I was thinking about Ghanaian talent or the lack of, when my mind wondered to who/whom would represent Ghana at this year’s BET Awards, -and I got all emotional.. We just don’t get it –do we???
I was also thinking about how D'Banj seized ‘our’ Azonto and made it his ‘own’ and took his Oliver Twist single global, –can you Adam & Eve it??? How on earth we Ghanaians can give the world the ‘Azonto’ and not have ONE musician hot or brave or talented or connected enough to capitalize it…is beyond me!!!! Still, I don’t blame D'Banj and now Wizkid also has an Azonto tune out, -for taking our hot beats and running with it. –Because if no one of Ghanaian origin has what it takes to serve it, –then why shouldn’t they???
*I really don’t know if it’s a case of very little talent, I don’t think so –do you, or it’s a case of not having the right promoters/managers/money/connections or whatever (s) in Ghana’s ummm, music industry!!!
Anyway, like I said…it got me thinking… about the guys…them.
Anyway, you all know that I’m picky, ok, not picky or choosy, just all about real talent (when it counts –wink, wink). -And if truth be told, I’m still all about Jerry Anaba aka Okomfo Kwadee, Kwaw Kese and Scizo (of rain, rain fame).
These cats might be quiet right now –but they are/were hot, gorgeous, talented, respected and loved!!  –And whilst they might be taking-time-out, –sort of, -well Kwadee seems to be, and Kwaw kesse is sort of quiet right now –and Szico only really had that one hot hit (Rain, Rain –remember), -they all had/have that X factor thingy!!   –Still, I’m thinking that it has to be about Ghana’s latest ‘Bright-Young-Things’ –right!!!!!
Do note that I respect and acknowledge Tinny and Samini, -both are gorgeous and talented but are they what BET’s looking for?
Also, I love and respect the likes of Ayigbe Edem, R2Bees, and Mugeez –and I’m over the moon that both D-Black and Sarkodie have had their turn, ….but I can only really think of two brothers that I feel can serve it, BRING IT –and take their talent (and hot selves) global, –and hopefully get to represent Ghana at BET –this year. –They are: Elorm Adablah aka E.L (of One Ghana and Kaalu fame) and Jupiter…
These two brothers are uber talented, relevant, look good (not like they’re eating fufu everyday), note how E.L looks like a male model –and Jupiter wastes no time in taking his top off at every opportunity –but mostly, they are- unafraid, believe in their s**t and so do I.
They truly have what it takes to make it outside of Ghana/Africa/the black community and to heat up the mainstream!!!
As for ‘our’ ladies it’s even worse… But I’m thinking….now that BET has nominated the likes of beautiful (and uber elegant) South African singer, Lira –they have most definitely opened the doors to female artists from Africa, –and whilst we don’t have many known female MC’s –Ghana is full to bursting with beautiful talented girls…Only, they haven’t been discovered yet!!!
The thing is, whilst a female MC might be hot in her home town, Kumasi -say, if you and I don’t know about her, –nobody really cares –do they?  Why established musicians/managers/producers aren’t out there scouting and looking for talent nationwide in Ghana –is beyond me!!! Plus, as I’ve stated before, –even the ones that are scouted, aren’t managed properly, don’t look good or lack talent…
Still there are three gals I truly believe in 2013, –and feel they have what it takes to succeed!!! They’re hot, talented, have the X factor, –and can represent Ghana on any level –right now!! They are: Tiffany, my little man loves her, Lady Jay and Lousika!!!!  

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