Tuesday, 22 January 2013

The Next Big Thing: Lipavenü Cosmetics

“I noticed that the lip colour ranges on the market were either high end, pricing customers out, or the remaining brands didn’t really have a specific focus on lip colour products to offer novel and exciting lip makeup products.”  Dianne Woode

First class law graduate turned cosmetics entrepreneur, Dianne Woode is the fabulous young lady behind Lipavenü Cosmetics, -a brand famed for its yummy lip glosses, especially its must-have  lip-tingling mint lipgloss  (Mint Moolah, a minty scented, clear lipgloss, with mint extract, -leaves lips feeling refreshed and looking shiny and glossy)!!!
A true inspiration, Ms Woode continues to juggle her law career and the expansion of her  Lipavenü Cosmetics product range which was founded in December 2011..
Already a big player in the Ghanaian and Afro-Caribbean community, Lipavenu Cosmetics was a participant at the Ghana UK Fashion Show 2012, -and a headline sponsor at Shelia Boateng’s Fashion Mist Exhibition & Catwalk Show last year….  Also, “Lipavenü Cosmetics are proud sponsors of the Screen Nation Film and Television Awards taking place this February”.….
There’s a real buzz about Lipavenü Cosmetics, and I’m predicting that it’s the beauty industry’s next big thing!!!  
I’m not sure if its available in Ghana –right now, -but Lipavenü Cosmetics is most definitely flying off the counters nationwide in the UK (and beyond) via Pak (Finsbury Park and Peckham branches) as well as online at: http://www.pakcosmetics.com; via uber hairstylist Harriet Kessie’s  hair and beauty emporium –Afrotherapy at: http://www.afrotherapy.com/Brands/Lipavenu  and at Lipavenü Cosmetics’s website at: http://www.lipavenu.com/

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  1. LipAvenu lipglosses are now available in Ghana! Email lbazin.asamoah@gmail.com for more information.

    Available in all 5 shades. 25 Ghc per gloss.