Saturday, 6 April 2013

A Ghanaian National Hero: Big Man

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: I’ve been feeling very sorry for myself of late, and have been quiet out-of-sorts, but the above film clip (I’m sorry I don’t know which news programme in Ghana filmed this) of Big Man, a real Ghanaian national treasure and HERO has put me right!!!

I am beyond inspired and humbled by Big Man and pray Ghanaians will celebrate this incredible man the way they celebrate the likes of Jay-Z, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne et al…

I wish that I had a Facebook page or website for Big Man ---as I’m sure that like myself, many of you would want to make contact with him… ***If you are reading this and know how we can all genuinely contact Big Man -do let us know… or even better maybe, –a FB page can be set-up for him –as, many people including myself would like to be a Blessing to him and his family; just the sight of his motor vehicle not working is driving me crazy!!!!

I must confess, I’ve been soooo disillusioned with the state of affairs in Ghana lately (cue: electrify, water & unemployment etc) but watching Big Man has given me hope –Amen, plus, he has truly gloried God and deserves to be Blessed for that.  Thus, when I think of a ‘better’ Ghana or whatever the Ghanaian government’s new maxim is…… I think of the likes of Big Man, going about their daily lives with or without help from the authorities and I’m inspired…

***After some unneeded vomit from someone professing to be a photographer, threatening to take me to court or whatever, because she didn’t like what I said about her damaging comments about Ghana, --  Big Man is just what the doctors ordered.

God Bless you and your beautiful family Big Man… xx

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