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Sports: Support Ghana Ocean Racing…….

Ghana Ocean Racing from Lucas Sempere on Vimeo.

 “Team Ghana is the first African sailing team. ”Like" us and follow along as we seek out sponsorship, learn to sail, have a documentary produced along the way (think- a relevant cool runnings), and then become world-class competitive IMOCA/VOR sailors!”  Ghana Ocean Racing

 Simply stated, our mission is to build the 1st Ghanaian international open ocean single & double-handed sailing team that will develop us as African skippers and raise the profile of the sport across Africa as well as deepen market penetration across a more diverse demographic world-wide for the sport, our sponsors, and our country. To Donate securely online through our US-based foundation:

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Wow the possibility of Ghana being represented in ocean racing has me very excited… Ghana Rising Blog is 100% behind team Ghana Ocean Racing, and asks the Ghanaian community at large to support co-skippers/founder s: Agbeli Ameko and Eyram Hevi to achieve their goals and enter the Volvo Ocean Race 2014/15. Team Ghana would be the 1st ever African sailing team to enter the race.. You can help by donating via a securely online account at:

For more info visit:

More Info
This is a historic  strategic sponsorship opportunity to partner with Team Ghana from the very beginning. It will elevate your brand and create significant returns through broadening the approach of a sailing sponsorship with a truly differentiated and entertaining story backed by an innovative corporate promotions approach. Our Story and goals in a Nut shell:
  •  Currently no Sub-Saharan African Sailing Teams playing at the International level
  • Become the 1st  Sub-Saharan African (Ghanaian) team to complete a double handed round-the-world course similar to IMOCA races such as Vendee Globe and Barcelona World Race or the Volvo Ocean Race.
  • Acquire boat, complete training, and complete a round-the-world course along a route similar to the major IMOCA competitions with 7 stopovers. This entire journey and stopover events will be filmed, blogged, and chronicled through social media.
  • Extend domestic and global brand with a unique approachable non-elitist image that will attract name recognition across the emerging and developed markets.
  • Promote diversity in the industry and sport, a charitable cause or highlight global corporate sustainability efforts consistent with your corporate mission, and expand your global audience and brand to the most coveted demographic yacht racing represents.
  • Qualify Team Ghana for IMOCA level competition such as Barcelona World Race or Vendee Globe – we’ll get there, but first we must build a foundation. This will be an entertaining journey for our fans.
  • Train and develop 1st generation of crewed Team Ghana campaigns for entry into races such the 2016 Volvo Ocean Race.
  • We are a non-profit organization incorporated in Ghana and partnered exclusively with the Take Back Our Routes foundation in the USA.
Agbeli Ameko
Co-skipper/Founder Ghana Ocean Racing
Mr Ameko is the co-skipper and founder of Ghana Ocean Racing and founding Chair of the Ghana Monohull Open Classes Association which received official approval from Ghana’s National Sports Authority.  His vision is to develop the sport of sailing in Africa and to fulfill the dream of becoming the first African to sail around the world.  Prior to launching Team Ghana, he co-founded the energy news service Enercast and founded a mesoscale weather forecasting firm after his climate research work. Mr. Ameko has  also lead sustainable development and mineral exploration projects across Africa. He attended the Albuquerque Academy and the University of Colorado at Boulder where he studied geoscience and business.
Eyram Hevi
Co-skipper/Founder, Ghana Ocean Racing
The co-skipper and founder of Ghana Ocean Racing and founding President of the Ghana Monohull Open Classes Association which received official approval from Ghana’s National Sports Authority.  Mr. Hevi previously worked for a leading NGO in Ghana. He has lead sustainable development and exploration projects across Africa including Ghana, DR Congo, Liberia, and Guinea. He attended Nkrumah University of Science & Technology where he studied health administration.

James Darden
Managing Director, Ghana Ocean Racing

James Darden is the Managing Director of Ghana Ocean Racing and the Executive Director for Team Ghana’s US-based non-profit Take Back Our Routes. A native of North Carolina, Mr. Darden has had a lifelong passion for sailing where he first attended sailing school at age six. Prior to joining Team Ghana, he worked as a therapist and counselor, and work in sales and marketing at Renewable Choice Energy.  Mr. Darden attended the University of Colorado and North Carolina State University.

DrAniegyeDr. Ntewusu Samuel Aniegye
General Secretary, Ghana Ocean Racing

After his degree  in History from the University of Ghana – Legon, he was appointed as a Teaching Assistant at the Department of History where he joined the Institute of African Studies in the same university as a Research Assistant. In the Institute, Ntewusu conducted extensive research on traditional leadership patterns, urbanisation, festivals, traditional economic institutions, Slavery and Colonialism in Ghana. In 2003, Ntewusu enrolled for a graduate programme at the Institute and in early 2005 he received funding from the Norwegian government to conduct work at the University of Trondheim to complete his Master of Philosophy degree in African Studies which was awarded the same year by the University of Ghana. In November 2007, Aniegye applied for a doctorate programme in the University of Leiden, The Netherlands and was granted admission in January 2008. From the period of application and admission until June 2010 Ntewusu was based at the African Studies Centre in Leiden and from time to time travelled to Ghana to conduct doctoral research leading to a Phd thesis entitled ‘Settling in and Holding On’: A Socio-Historical Study of Northern Traders and Transporters in Accra- 1908-2008. Most recently Dr. Aniegye, has worked as Research Fellow at the Institute of African Studies, University of Ghana, and is teaching two courses; Chieftaincy and Development in Africa for undergraduates and The Slave Trade and Africa for graduate students. His research interest includes in Africa; Transportation, urbanisation, colonial legacy, and in Ghana; Culture, traditional leadership, conflicts and development.
Team Ghana Ambassadors 
Sylvanus Nuku Kofi Ameko, chair
George Gakpetor, media coordinator, Ghana
Nana Dabo, team ambassador

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