Monday, 8 April 2013

Food: Healthy Artisan Breads in Ghana…….

Multi seeded baguettes by DeliFrance……

A yummy selection of artisan multi seeded loaves and baguettes by Finethings…….

Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: Ever Wondered Where to buy healthy brown, wholemeal or multi seeded bread in Ghana? Wonder no more…

As Accra’s finest become more health conscious the usual high-carb, sweet, yeasty ‘white’ bread is off the menu and yummy artisan loaves like the above lovelies by mouth-watering patisserie DeliFrance, part of Accra based uber catering group, -The Chase Group and Finethings Patisserie, famed for their EAT by Finethings restaurant in Ringway, Accra ---both sell a choice of healthier artisan breads amongst other yummy treats.

DeliFrance located in Labone, Accra has a delectable selection of quality healthier artisan breads including: multi-cereal Baguettes, Cereals Roll, Sandwich Cereals Pave and Nuts, Almonds & Cereals Pave et al. And Finethings Patisserie located in Ringway, Accra offers a wholesome selection of nutritious wholesome breads including: multi-seeded, high fibre, high in Omega 3, Low in saturated fats breads alongside their yummy cupcakes, macaroons and cookies…

For more info about DeliFrance visit:

For more info about Finethings visit:


Note ----I’m often asked about healthier bread options in Ghana –so if you are a baker and you also make artisan, healthy, fibre-rich, multi-seeded bread –please add your details here… Thanks x

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