Saturday, 27 April 2013

Luxe Lifestyle: The Race to Bring ‘Real’ Louis Vuitton to Ghana is Still On….

My all-time favourites, vintage Louis Vuitton luggage…..

Bush Luxe: An aspirational calabash bowl with the LV monogram logo….

 LV wallpaper

La Naomi Campbell with her Louis Vuitton luggage.  


Big Trend: The Louis Vuitton birthday cake……

For those who refuse to do ‘fake’ but can’t afford to buy Louis Vuitton just yet in Ghana, –the aspirational LV logo birthday cake is the next best thing…..


More LV Birthday Cakes...

“One dozen cupcake with our designer logo disc toppers...all 100% edible.”  Made Fresh daily Cakes


Paulina Opoku-Gyimah says: As you can imagine blogging since 2009 about the high-life, uber luxe services and the lifestyle yumminess available in Ghana has made me privy to some hot insider gossip and afforded me a host of knowledge of what’s hot and what’s not in Ghana.

Not bragging but most of the time I’ve lead the way by God’s grace and other times -- I’ve been happy to follow (small, small) but one of the most persistence things/news over the years has been the race (behind the scenes) to be the first to take ‘REAL’ Louis Vuitton to Ghana.

For those of you green eyed monsters (I know you all –laughter) don’t faint oOoOoo –the race is still on but I’m hearing rumours that a certain ‘big boy’ now based abroad but making his way to Accra in his pointy crocodile shoes (mercy) ---is getting close to bringing Louis Vuitton, I think as a concession in one of those soon to open hotels –to Accra, Ghana.

I’m sooo not sure if this is true. ---It would be absolutely fabulous  if it were, goodness knows we Ghanaians love our Louis Vuitton, fake or real (mercy)….but I’m not sure!!!

The truth is, to bring Louis Vuitton -one of the world’s most luxurious, beyond aspirational brands to Ghana which does boasts the most elegant consumers in Africa, but is still a market that’s really number three in Sub-Saharan Africa ---behind established luxury consumers South Africa, –and Nigeria --Africa’s most populous country –is no small feat. 

I’m not going to give it away (although I usually am happy to), but it’s not only going to take some serious cachet, talent, connections, gravitas ---but some serious SIKA!!!!

Bringing heritage lifestyle brand Louis Vuitton (est 1854) to Ghana will ultimately mean going into partnership with said brand, basically going into business with Bernard Arnault, chairman and chief executive of LVMH, the luxury conglomerate which owns Louis Vuitton ---and unless you have some sort of high-end lifestyle portfolio, I can’t imagine them (LV) saying yes…

Mind you –said person if persistent could do what many of us do and buy it as and when ‘our’ people in Ghana need (and pay for) it, but then its only really a ‘local preaching to the converted if you know what I mean’ business –no??? I’m guessing what we all want to do is bring said luxury brand to Ghana, –lock-stock-and-two-smoking-barrels and have ‘that’ exclusive bragging rights –no?   
Still there is hope, Louis Vuitton is now available in small-town cities like Guangxi and Hefei in China, its biggest consumer base, which is starting to see signs of ‘logo fatigue’ –something that happened decades earlier in Japan, ---thus has started to open fewer stores –and might now want to look at smaller, more niche, emerging markets like ---Ghana say!!!!!

Anyway, money talks…… so we’ll all have to keep our beady eyes opened ---and see what transpires. Xxxxx


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  2. © painted calabash by artist sebastien bouchard (

  3. © painted calabash by artist sebastien bouchard (

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