Saturday, 15 March 2014

Fashion/Post Card: Ghana Fo Kyea Mo............

 Ashanti, or Asante, are an Akan people who live predominantly in Ghana and Ivory Coast.

"One of the more beautiful items to come from Ghana is Kente cloth. Kente is an Asante ceremonial cloth that is hand-woven on a loom."


Nana Aba says: No lover of beauty can look at the above image and not be moved. I'm inspired to become a designer when I see such beauty..... Kente is King -no? Look at the styling. Look at the way she holds her ceremonial knife, the gold chains on top of the Kente -on top of painted skin -and the way she is beautifully adorned.......really, we have everything --we just don't know it.

The people of Ghana greet you.........xx


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  1. Hey, i have never met any west african woman...i consider east african women beautiful coz i see them all the time, and i see their faces in most beauty tabloids both in US and Europe...nothing against any other africans...i just have never met or seen any...and if you read my original post i just said "i see many beautiful women on the crowd" so i don't see where my dislike from west africans is coming from.Thank you so much!!!!
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