Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Ghana Rising Hearts Piyusha Yamaoka

Paulina says: Remember uber beautiful Ghanaian /Japanese singer Katini, well she's not the only looker in her family, her sister Piyusha Yamaoka is an upcoming high-fashion model who's about to blow up in Australia -and we can see why.

According to Viviens Model Management, the ever beautiful Piyusha Yamaoka stands at an impressive 5'11, is a size 8 (lucky, lucky girl) -and is just gorgeous!!!!

I was thinking.........wouldn't it be fab to see her on the catwalk at GFDW --this year!!!! For more info about Piyusha Yamaoka visit Viviens Model Management via:



P.s ...what is it with Australian websites calling Piyusha Yamaoka African /Japanese???? Do they not know Africa is a continent, and not a country????

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