Friday, 21 March 2014

Ghana's Social Media-Nistas talk Anna & the President.......

(Posted on the 12-1-2014 )
"Had the Honor of meeting the President of Ghana! yess he's #JetSkiing lol #Ghana #Africa #PowerfulMan #Honored #ImSmilingToHard" @anna_stanelli


"I can get use to this! Lol #Ghana #Ghana2014 #Africa #privateisland #Jetski" @anna_stanelli

 They Don't Know #Ghana #Africa #AnnaStanelli

"No person will ever effect my money flow. You can never knock a true Boss down." @anna_stanelli


"Beauty can take you so far but the mind is what takes you beyond " @anna_stanelli


Paulina says: It all started out very innocently on the 12th January 2014 when one good-time-gal based in Orlando Florida but wanting to move to Miami, a glamour queen by the name of @anna_stanelli uploaded a photograph of herself and errrrmmmm the Republic of Ghana's very own President, his excellency, President John Dramani Mahama of the former Gold Coast --saying hi to each other at Ghana's must-visit, sexy Ada beach!!!!! Then five days ago, a member of the Ghana's people -stumbled upon the above photograph and hey presto ---said image went viral or should I say --virus!!!!!

Every Kwame, Kofi, Atta, Ama and Auntie Baba has had something to say about it and its not all good, or bad or funny.

To be honest .......its been exhausting to say the least. And the funny thing is.... I don't believe said young lady at the very epicentre of the storm --knows anything about the storm (laughter)!!!!

I don't know @anna_stanelli personally, but I don't believe she is what Ghana's ever increasing 'Moral Elite' are claiming -----that she-beeeeee the girlfriend/lover or what-have-you of our 'better Ghana' president!!!

The thing is......I've sort of lived a bit ----and I can honestly say, ---most, dot, dot...... tend to know their place ---which is a place called hidden (or shopping in Dubai, or Paris, or Amsterdam, or Geneva or NYCity)....And @anna_stanelli is soooooo not hidden!!!!

Granted........looking through @anna_stanelli's exotic photos she does seem to be travelling and having lotssss of fun (all things/stuff that kill the green-eyed-monsters-of-La-Ghana) but I don't believe its paid for ---from the public Kente purse or Ghana's GDP (mercy)!!!!!

Personally, I believe @anna_stanelli is the usual A-type, Instagram-er kind of gal....., you know the ones, ........all do-able, earthbound ambitious hair, nails, flat stomach and knows her power --and is prepared to use it to get her to where she wants to get-to regardless of what yousssssss think!!!! 
I think she's a lovely young lady who wants to win and have a nice life, and help her family, and was probably shooting a glamour calendar on the beaches of Ghana when she saw our president jet skiing (as-you-do) --and went and said hi (as you do)..... But no, I don't believe she has her eyes on the first throne of the republic of Ghana, West Africa ---former Gold Coast Colony etc, etc etc..... Nope, I'm sure she likes her electricity -on, and her water --flowing (mercy)!!!!!

Anywaysss, I was more interested in seeing Ghana's very own President, his excellency, President John Dramani Mahama of the former Gold Coast now 'Better Ghana' ------on a jet sky in Ada and not Dubai (mercy......laughter)!!!!!!!!

I'm hoping said photo, --a photograph that has garnered much noise, will do for Ghana's tourist industry what its very own tourist board/Authority or whatever --has never managed to do/achieve, ------put Ghana's beautiful beaches on-the-map!!!!!!

"Sometimes they're people who dont fit in a certain place. They follow happiness rather than settling for a 9 to 5 job, living pay check to pay check , going to school after school; stressing half of there life.(Not knocking down anybody's hustle). Im going to call that person "H.M" which stands for Hathor the Egyptian Sky-goddess of joy,love, beauty, foreign lands,music and much more. The M stands for Ma'at whos an Egyptian Goddess of truth and justice. So H.M. searches and searches until they find where they belong in the World. Other people may judge them for not living a "normal american life" but they don't let that effect there journey. They avoid Negative situations and follow there heart. Instead of working for someone they'll rather be the one running things and trying to find peace with themselves and other by building beyond there income to take care of a whole World! In the process of getting to the top H.M.'s will travel to explore the World, learn and understand everyones situations, Research everything and anything, and learn the REAL facts about the World.Why? Because Knowledge is POWER. They Refuse to live the life of a written Manual. H.M.s never doubt themselves, if they say there going to make a mill in 4 years then THEY'RE going to MAKE A MILLION in 4 years! Every H.M. Finds happniess in there own way. To cut this short readers i am a H.M. Im going to be on top, I'm never going to stop grinding. I will take care of my whole family one day, and I will BECOME WEALTHILY By the time I'm 24!!!! Its Motivation to this ,I'm starving for success . All I follow is positive Vibes. I am not a normal person and will not settle for just anything. Therefore is My year to grind,travel, and build my foundation. I may lose friends, have people disagree with things, and fall down sometimes but nothing is going to stop my Grind. I am a new person and will forever think and stay positive. Family and happiness First!"

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